Bruce Springsteen – what a complete legend!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m completely mad about music, and going to gigs in particular. The first one i went to was Bon Jovi when i was only ten, and I’ve been going to as many as i can since then. Of course there’s lots of bands/singers I’d like to see, but until yesterday (23rd May 2008) there was only one important one that i hadn’t seen – and that was Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band.Well it was worth the long wait, all the travelling in a slow bus, and the very sore legs I have today after all my jumping around.The gig was in the R.D.s and there was no support. Me and Deirdre sat outside for a couple of hours before in the lovely weather. We started making our way in just after 7 and I was getting very excited. Bruce and the band came on at 8 and played the most amazing and class 2 and a half hours of music I’ve ever heard! The sound where we were standing wasn’t great, and when we moved, we happened to be standing beside 2 security guards, who gave us wrist bands to go to the front – i was touching the barrier at one point. Bruce seemed to be loving every minute of it onstage, shaking hands with lots of people (but not coming far enough our way.) He tried to take this wee girl onstage, but she was too shy, and he promised he wouldn’t scare children again.The whole band were amazing. They are excellent musicians and I’ve heard anything that good. I didn’t know some of the songs, as I’m only a pup of a fan! He did play new stuff too and a beautiful version of ‘magic’ to a silent crowd. ‘born to run’, ‘bad lands’ and ‘glory days’ provided great sing alongs, and he finished with a kick-ass version of ‘American lands’Deirdre wasn’t shy after a few drinks, and after the gig we met Bruce’s body guard,and she tried to get backstage. I hate anyone using my disability to get something, but I didn’t care if it meant that I could meet the boss. In my dreams! Bruce had left the R.D.S apparently, but it was worth a try.I would highly recommend everyone to go and see “the heart stopping, pants dropping, earth shattering, hard rocking, hips shaking, earth quaking, nerve breaking, Viagra taking, history making, legendary E-Street Band”

Cyprus and back

So I’ve been to Cyprus and back since my last post. We had a lovely relaxing week, and our villa was great. Apart from the 5 hour flight, it would have been a perfect place to bring OJ. Lots of space and shadey places in the villa and it was cool enough at night to bring him out. I need to get his passport sorted soon anyway, and I’m hoping to take him to the UK in the next few months to see how he likes the plane. He and Dougal went on their hols to Fahan instead. They had lots of doggy company, and got exercised and possibly overfed when they were there. They were very excited to see me when i got back, and I’ll admit i missed them too.
OJ was surprisingly fine at getting his harness on and doing work when he got back. He came for dinner with me and some people from work last night and enjoyed getting fussed over. Apart from eating a tomato that fell off the plate when the waiter took it away, he was very well behaved. He ate half a sausage outside the 4 lights the other day and threw it up again, so he won’t be doing that in a hurry.
I’m going to see Bruce Springsteen for the first time in Dublin on Friday (OJ isn’t coming) but that will probably be my next post, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with guide dogs. I can’t wait!

What a day!!

Had a strange and funny day yesterday.
I went to Letterkenny to collect glasses for Jack (my nephew.) Theres something very strange about walking into the optitions with a guide dog and asking for glasses!
When we were having lunch this wee kid kept teasing OJ with a gingerbread man. He kept holding it down to his face then pulling it away quickly and laughing. He was an evil child. but that wasn’t what annoyed me. It was the fact that his mum (well i presume she was his mum) turns round and says “he loves teasing dogs.”
I mean what the hell! First of all he’s lucky the dog didn’t take the biscuit (or even the hand off him) and lets face it, most dogs would have. Could you imagine the crying match, and i woulda been the worst in the world. Secondly, why encourage children to tease dogs, especially guide dogs.
Later i went to Derry to get some last minute stuff for our holiday in Cyprus. I couldn’t decide which type of tinted moisturiser to get, so the girl at the make-up counter tried both on me to help us (me and Maureen) to decide. We picked one, and she finished putting it on my face.
10 minutes later, when my face and coat was well covered in make-up she said (and i sware to God i thought i was hearing things) “i’ll just go and get the mirror so you can have a wee look!”Priceless! She was yung, and probably new there, and i would have embarrassed her so much if i told her i was blind, so i smiled in the mirror, paid for my make-up and ran out of the shop (guided by my sister of course) laughing.
I’m taking OJ everywhere from now on.