About Me

My name is Jennifer. In 2007 I trained with my first guide dog, a black lab/retriever called O.J in Cork.

I’ve been writing about the experience since, giving people an insight into how owning a guide dog fits into my daily life.


I love reading your comments, or you can contact me by emailing


if you want to get in touch.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I also heard the Joe Duffy discussions on Service Dogs Europe and was disgusted by it and wanted to help spread the word for people to avoid this man Fitzsimons
    Your blog sums it all up perfectly for people who may not have the time to listen to all the Joe Duffy discussions
    I’ll be sharing on my Facebook and Twitter pages for sure

    • HI, My disabled daughter was sent a dog by that awful cheating lying bastard (excuse my language…i am so angry) we received the dog last month and he is not trained at all!! hes bitten my uncle on numerous occasions, hes backed my year old in to the corner growling. he has jumped on my 24 week old son, my daughter Jasmine waited so long for this to happen, she is 10 years old and has 4 limb cerebral palsy so is permanently in a wheelchair. She is terrified of this ‘service’ dog and cannot bond with him at all as shes scared to even give him treats. he is totally uncontrollable and on checking with alot of dog trainers, we’ve been told he is totally un-trainable too due to his breed (springerdor) he is bloody mental!! he’s a beautiful dog and i wish things were different as we’d love to keep him, but sadly, this is not going to happen. Henry Fitzsimons needs to be tracked down and shown the hurt and anger everyoone involved is feeling, he is nothing but a lying piece of scum, my little girl is totally depressed and so upset its unreal, this was meant to be the making of her, this was meant to be her independance and her companion. she cant go out and play like her friends like other kids he was meant to be her best friend this is so sad and to think hes stole more than a dream from my girl makes me so so hurt and so angry that if i ever met this horrible man i dont think i could control my anger. Please everyone take not and DO NOT hapve ANYTHING to do with service dogs europe……..they’ve shut their websites down, they’ve cancelled their email and telephone and they’ve dissapeared off the face of the earth……why would they do this if they weren’t dodgy??? also everyone Google Henry Fitzsimons and you will see that he is a criminal, he has been done for lots of serious things and i feel so stupid, i should have looked more in to this before we jumped in. He has left me as Jasmines mother feeling so guilty. He still has his website Topdog training up and running and also has his Linkedin profile up and running,,,,,,,,,PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS DISGUSTING MAN!!!! enough said or id go on all day!!


      Lynsey xxxx

      • Hi. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I am so sorry for you and your daughter and everything you have been through. It must be so hard to see her disappointment. I wish I could say something that is helpful, but I really cant. I just hope Henry pays for what he has done in every way possible. I hope he gets the punishment he deserves.

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