Back to work

Its been a while…but i’ve been so busy and i’ve neglected my blog. Anyway…

I went back to work last Monday. O.J always seemed to love finding the office, and i’m not sure why, because he usually didn’t stay very long when we got there. Now he knows he can just sleep there all day (apart from lunch and the odd toilet break) so he loves it even more. He’s always so well behaved you wouldn’t even know he was there.
I’m not sure if its my imagination, or he really is getting slightly better at finding the post at the lights this week. The screaming girls on the way out of the bus depot don’t make it any easier, and his left syndrome seems quite bad at the moment. He loves keeping to the extreme left of roads, pavements or wherever we’re walking, and apart from taking the lead and encouraging him “in”, i don’t think i can change that.
Dougal sees to really like having a big brother, which makes things a lot easier at home. O.J hasn’t house trained Dougal yet, which makes me a bit disappointed!
We’re going to Letterkenny for the first time tomorrow, and his brother is coming to visit for the weekend. I don’t think dogs recognise there siblings, but it should be interesting having 3 dogs in the house.