Happy birthday O.J!

He’s 2 today! Unfortunately he couldn’t have any doggy treats because he has some sort of tummy bug. He kept throwing up in work on tuesday (once on the grass and twice in the bin in the office) so i had to go to the vet when i finished. He got injections and tablets, and i sware i’ll go mad if i see that place again soon.
Did i mention Bek Walker’s myspace already? She emailed me to tell me about her blog about raising a guide dog puppy in Melbourn. Her page is
Cheers for the email and hopefully your pup will make a future guide dog owner very happy.

a busy week

I took O.J back to work on monday. He was walking a bit slow at the beginning of the week but seems back to normal now. I’ve been busy researching Derry’s Jazz history in work for the jazz festival at the beginning of may. I got wednesday off to do some music therapy interviews for a documentary. O.J liked the music class and all the kids. We went into a few classes, and i taught some of the kids with special needs how to groom a dog after lunch. I have to go into another class on friday to show the kids braille, so O.J will like that too.
I went to a guide dog meeting last night. There was only one other guide dog owner there, some assistance dogs, and fundraising dogs. We got photos taken for the paper. The Donegal branch of guide dog fundraisers raised 59.000 last year! Thats some achievement! I have a fundraising idea that i’d love to organise, but it will probably never happen in a million years!Theres a new guide dog in Buncrana now, (apparently it looks like O.J) We have to do the church gate collection this weekend too. Its really short notice, but i’m sure we’ll find people to help, and its for a good cause!