What a day!!

Had a strange and funny day yesterday.
I went to Letterkenny to collect glasses for Jack (my nephew.) Theres something very strange about walking into the optitions with a guide dog and asking for glasses!
When we were having lunch this wee kid kept teasing OJ with a gingerbread man. He kept holding it down to his face then pulling it away quickly and laughing. He was an evil child. but that wasn’t what annoyed me. It was the fact that his mum (well i presume she was his mum) turns round and says “he loves teasing dogs.”
I mean what the hell! First of all he’s lucky the dog didn’t take the biscuit (or even the hand off him) and lets face it, most dogs would have. Could you imagine the crying match, and i woulda been the worst in the world. Secondly, why encourage children to tease dogs, especially guide dogs.
Later i went to Derry to get some last minute stuff for our holiday in Cyprus. I couldn’t decide which type of tinted moisturiser to get, so the girl at the make-up counter tried both on me to help us (me and Maureen) to decide. We picked one, and she finished putting it on my face.
10 minutes later, when my face and coat was well covered in make-up she said (and i sware to God i thought i was hearing things) “i’ll just go and get the mirror so you can have a wee look!”Priceless! She was yung, and probably new there, and i would have embarrassed her so much if i told her i was blind, so i smiled in the mirror, paid for my make-up and ran out of the shop (guided by my sister of course) laughing.
I’m taking OJ everywhere from now on.


2 thoughts on “What a day!!

  1. oh Wow! Yeah, some people I don’t think are from this planet! It’s like they’re missing important common sense!! HA HAAnywaY, I’m not sure If your the one that asked about KSDS or not, but if you did I don’t think I responded.KSDS Teaches both Guide dogs and Service dogs. they have the 2 totally seperate programs in the one facility. Recipients do not have to pay for these dogs, nor raise the money. They are given to them absolutly free.The dogs are not tested to see which program they’ll go into until they are returned from there puppy riasers. That way the dog can kind of pick which program they like. Other schools here, also do it where its either a service dog or guide dog, but then if they don’t make it in the one program they get released whereas they could have made it just fine in another area of work.Also before they even start training, they are health tested. That way, if they realize that there hips or eyes aren’t good, then they wouldn’t have been half way done with their training, see.I hope that answered everything.Cobra, I hope, Is doing good in the KSDS kennels.

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