The Boss in Belfast

I’ve given up trying to write about Bruce Springsteen when I go to see him live. Its just impossible to describe how good he is. Even after the forth time his performances are still adictive, and I want to see him again and again.

Set List:

(Pre show acoustic set which we unfortunately missed because we couldn’t travel to Belfast until 4 O’clock.)
1. Surprise, Surprise
3. Growin’ Up
4. IN DREAMS (partial)
5. This Hard Land

Main set:
This Little Light of Mine
The Ties That Bind
Jackson Cage
She’s the One
Reason to Believe
Johnny 99
Atlantic City
Prove It All Night (’78 intro)
We Take Care Of Our Own
Wrecking Ball
Death To My Hometown
The River
Open All Night
Cadillac Ranch
Darlington County
Bobby Jean
Shackled and Drawn
Waiting on a Sunny Day
The Rising
Rocky Ground
Born in the USA
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
This Little Light of Mine
Thunder Road (solo)

This gig wasn’t my favourite Springsteen gig, only because I thought the crowd were a bit more subdued and the atmosphere wasn’t as good. That could have just been where I was standing though, and it did get better as we moved towards the front. I’d never heard Nebraska live before. It was perfect and beautiful. Thunder Road was a great surprise when we thought the gig was over.
I Liked the venue overall, as although it held at least 20,000 people, it didn’t feel too packed. The bus was able to drop us off and collect us right outside, and the sound was really impressive for an outdoor venue. The only downside which didn’t affect me was the length of the queue for the bar. Nicky and I waited by a stand while the people we were with went to get a drink before the gig started, and they waited for over an hour. It meant that we watched the first half an hour of the gig by ourselves, which might be scarey for some blind people, being in a field without somebody sighted, but it didn’t bother me. Bruce was on stage so I only had one thing on my mind!
Its funny though, because often when I’m at a gig, I’m happy to listen and not be interrupted by talkers, so I can concentrate completely on the music. But with Bruce and the E-Street Band, I find that i want to ask questions and know what’s happening on stage and what Bruce is doing, especially when he goes near the crowd and they go crazy!

One of the women we were with had an eleven-year-old child with her, and she was given two wrist bands to go up the front where her son could actually see what was happening. We weren’t with them at this stage, and even if we were, I don’t think they’d have let the five of us up. I’ll just have to come much earlier next time, and keep hoping I can make it to the front row someday.That would be a dream come true.

Bruce and the E Street Band

When I saw Bruce Springsteen
last year
I thought it was the best gig I’d ever been to and that nothing could beat it, but last nights one was even better.
Myself and a friend got the bus to Dublin yesterday morning and, eventually another one to a mate aka Hollocaine’s house where we were staying. We weren’t really sure where we were going and wanted to get there as soon as possible. A woman who was a passenger on the bus complained because she got a small rip in her trousers from something sticking out of the seat, so we were delayed for about 10 minutes. It obviously wasn’t funny for her but we did laugh!

We got to the R.D.S at 3,30 and began the lovely wait until the gig started. We got wrist bands and got close to the stage, but had to wait for three hours inside the arina. It rained from 4 until after 10 but when the band came on nobody cared.

The band came on and hardly stopped at all between songs. Every musician was brilliant as usual and Bruce interacted so much with the audience, who loved every minute of it. They began appropriately enough with ‘who’ll stop the rain’ and it didn’t stop until after Bruce pointed at a cloudless part of the sky and played ‘waitin on a sunny day’. I was so happy when I heard the beginning of ‘thunder road’ as I really wanted to hear it live. The crowd singing along to ‘the river’ gave me goosebumps, and I loved the fact that you thought a song was almost over and the band would go into it again and play for another few minutes.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Springsteen fans make signs requesting songs and hold them up for Bruce to read. He went into the crowd a couple of times and collected lots of them, before organising them and playing a selection of songs that were requested. You never know what to expect at this point so it was good fun. Roadies had to keep coming onstage to mop the water away, but it didn’t stop Bruce from running around and going crazy. He must be very very fit!
There is a small guide dog connection in all of this. My friend noticed someone with an Irish guide dogs hat standing behind us at the end of the gig.

I have never sang and jumped so much at a gig, and my calf muscles are aching today. We got home at half 5, tired but happy that we had just seen the best gig possible. I would have went tonight if I could, and can completely understand why so many people last night were going again.
I’m off to Dublin again in the morning, but I’ll talk about why when I come back.

Set List:
July 11, 2009
Dublin, Ireland

Who’ll Stop The Rain
Cover Me
My Lucky Day
Outlaw Pete
Out In The Street
Working On A Dream
Johnny 99
Ghost of Tom Joad
Raise Your Hand
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
Seven Nights To Rock
For You
Thunder Road
Because The Night
Waiting On A Sunny Day
The Promised Land
The River
Kingdom Of Days
Lonesome Day
The Rising
Born To Run

Hard Times
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
American Land
Bobby Jean
Dancing In The Dark
Twist & Shout

Bruce Springsteen – what a complete legend!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m completely mad about music, and going to gigs in particular. The first one i went to was Bon Jovi when i was only ten, and I’ve been going to as many as i can since then. Of course there’s lots of bands/singers I’d like to see, but until yesterday (23rd May 2008) there was only one important one that i hadn’t seen – and that was Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band.Well it was worth the long wait, all the travelling in a slow bus, and the very sore legs I have today after all my jumping around.The gig was in the R.D.s and there was no support. Me and Deirdre sat outside for a couple of hours before in the lovely weather. We started making our way in just after 7 and I was getting very excited. Bruce and the band came on at 8 and played the most amazing and class 2 and a half hours of music I’ve ever heard! The sound where we were standing wasn’t great, and when we moved, we happened to be standing beside 2 security guards, who gave us wrist bands to go to the front – i was touching the barrier at one point. Bruce seemed to be loving every minute of it onstage, shaking hands with lots of people (but not coming far enough our way.) He tried to take this wee girl onstage, but she was too shy, and he promised he wouldn’t scare children again.The whole band were amazing. They are excellent musicians and I’ve heard anything that good. I didn’t know some of the songs, as I’m only a pup of a fan! He did play new stuff too and a beautiful version of ‘magic’ to a silent crowd. ‘born to run’, ‘bad lands’ and ‘glory days’ provided great sing alongs, and he finished with a kick-ass version of ‘American lands’Deirdre wasn’t shy after a few drinks, and after the gig we met Bruce’s body guard,and she tried to get backstage. I hate anyone using my disability to get something, but I didn’t care if it meant that I could meet the boss. In my dreams! Bruce had left the R.D.S apparently, but it was worth a try.I would highly recommend everyone to go and see “the heart stopping, pants dropping, earth shattering, hard rocking, hips shaking, earth quaking, nerve breaking, Viagra taking, history making, legendary E-Street Band”