O.J’s first holiday

O.J went on his first holiday since he left Cork this weekend. We went to Laois on Friday, and just got back a few hours ago.
The journey down went ok. I was entertained by the usual random things on Rick O Shea’s show on 2fm (including international smile day and people’s favourite sounds) We let O.J out for a pee in Roscomon, where the big steel horse is. He got very excited like he’d been locked up for a week and had a good bark at the horse too.
He enjoyed running around Leah’s yard looking at the dogs, cats and horses, and none of them seemed to bother him too much. He stayed quietly in the porch during the mass on saturday, and had an hour sitting in the unexpected sunshine, with everyone petting him and making a fuss of him. He managed to make it into the middle of a circle when we were all dancing to random music later in the evening. I’d say the dog didn’t know what the feck was going on.
His first road trip went ok, so itl probably be the first of many. His next will be to Dublin when i go to see David Gray in November.