Oj says woof woof!

Just noticed i haven’t posted (in my not very exciting blog) in a month. Well me and the hound have been so busy, and things are going all good.
OJ is an expert at crossing near the bus depot now. I noticed that he often works better when i’m on my own with him, so decided one day to try it by myself. Before this i was getting someone to meet me at the depot all the time. He took me straight to the post, and has been doing it perfect ever since.
I’m doing my broadcasting/journalism course 2 evenings a week. It means we don’t have to go to work so early, and OJ gets a change of scenery for a few hours during the course (i think he prefers the office though.)
He went to a st. Frames day party with me a couple of weeks ago. Of course he was the centre of attention as usual and he loved every minute of it, until the drum kit came out! I’ll have to leave him at home a lot because of my busy concert-going life!
Theres 2 pictures of me and OJ in the automn addition of Guidelines. My dog is a poser! I talked to his puppywalker today. He lives in Kerry, and it sounds like OJ was well looked after when he lived there for almost a year. Maybe we’ll go back for a visit sometime.
I’m going to see David Gray next weekend in the National Stadium, Dublin. OJ is coming too, but not to the gig obviously. Hopefully he will like Dublin.