A Quick Update

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since we went to Poland, which feels like about three months ago now. That always happens when I am busy. Now I’ve to try and remember what I was busy doing!

At the beginning of March I posted on my
audio transcription page
(which more people can like and share if they want!) I wrote about how audio transcription can be useful for students who are completeing research. Read the post if you want to know what I was talking about. I decided to send the link to the page to colleges around Ireland, and was delighted when somebody from one of those got back to me and offered me some work. My brother’s girlfriend stayed with me for a week, so I had great company when I needed breaks from typing.

I usually always blog about doing the church gate collection for guide dogs. I was shocked when the weather stayed dry all weekend. Sibyl did very well considering that it was her first one, although she was a bit confused at first when we got out of the car and just stood in the same place for 20 minutes. We managed to raise 1,300 euros, so along with the 1,750 we raised at the coffee morning on my birthday, that’s 3,050 euros we raised in Buncrana in one month. That’s not bad at all for Sibyl’s first fundraising attempt! I’m very greatful to the generous supportive people in our town.

O.J was ten years old on 13th March. He had just recovered from a tummy infection the week before, and was back to his usuall silly playful self. He hasn’t put on any weight at all since he retired, so I’m very happy with how well my parents look after him.

I’m almost afraid to write this next sentense. Sibyl is really starting to mature and do some great work. I hope I don’t jinx her, but I’ve noticed a huge difference particularly since Christmas. We had a few weeks of dry weather every day, so we did lots of walking, visiting different places in town for different reasons, so Sibyl had to concentrate a lot. I love how she slows down and is much more careful when I’m walking with my nephews, holding their hands. It’s like she knows that she has to be extra careful. I’ve given her lots of free runs and play time, and that has definitely helped her crazy behaviour. But just encase anybody is afraid that she’s getting boring, no chance! She’s still a bit nuts, and very very funny! We are going to Carlow for Easter, and then going to celebrate my birthday (it’s not over yet!), so Sibyl will have more changes of scenery and more work to do.

I didn’t want to write a post and not mention the awful tragedy that happened at the peer in Buncrana last Sunday. There is nothing useful that I can say, except that it has been a very sad town this week. Everybody is thinking about the family and all involved. I wish I could do something to help.