not much craic these days…

Me and OJ have been busy for the last few weeks. Dublin went well, and O.J seemed to enjoy it. We stayed in my uncles house, which had a fenced in garden where he could play around and be nosey. They had a dog for years and he did a lot of sniffing around when we got there. My uncles convinced he’s a fully trained sniffer dog too, even though i didn’t specifically ask for that during my guide dog matching visit. O.J had lots of admirers in the coffee shop, and we met a puppywalker too. The most impressive thing was the fact that he found my aunt’s house ion the way home, even when my parents weren’t sure if it was the right one!
I’ve been busy in work, and O.J has been good at getting me there and back most days. He does have his naughty days though, but doesn’t everyone?
Its nearly Christmas, decorations and moving santas are everywhere, and O.J likes to growl at them for a second until he’s sure they aren’t real. I dont know if santa will come to him and Dougal, we’ll just have to wait and see!