Cyprus and back

So I’ve been to Cyprus and back since my last post. We had a lovely relaxing week, and our villa was great. Apart from the 5 hour flight, it would have been a perfect place to bring OJ. Lots of space and shadey places in the villa and it was cool enough at night to bring him out. I need to get his passport sorted soon anyway, and I’m hoping to take him to the UK in the next few months to see how he likes the plane. He and Dougal went on their hols to Fahan instead. They had lots of doggy company, and got exercised and possibly overfed when they were there. They were very excited to see me when i got back, and I’ll admit i missed them too.
OJ was surprisingly fine at getting his harness on and doing work when he got back. He came for dinner with me and some people from work last night and enjoyed getting fussed over. Apart from eating a tomato that fell off the plate when the waiter took it away, he was very well behaved. He ate half a sausage outside the 4 lights the other day and threw it up again, so he won’t be doing that in a hurry.
I’m going to see Bruce Springsteen for the first time in Dublin on Friday (OJ isn’t coming) but that will probably be my next post, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with guide dogs. I can’t wait!


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