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The past week has been a little bit busy. Before I tell you what I’ve been up to, I have to mention
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The podcasts are the main feature of the site. They are lively, informative and fun! When it comes to technology, Stuart really knows his stuff.

On Friday afternoon I went to Malin to meet the cyclists finishing the Mizen to Malin cycle for guide dogs. The weather was amazing and everybody was tired but in great form. We stopped in Malin town for a while and then they cycled to the head, where they had food, drink, icecream and took lots of pictures. OJ enjoyed the sun, and loved meeting Jake the guide dog. Everybody kept calling OJ Jake’s little brother, because they are so alike. I met a few people that I hadn’t seen since last years cycle, as well as most of the other cyclists. They are convinced that I’m doing it next year, and so many people have offered to cycle my tandem, even though I haven’t actually agreed to do it yet. I’d really love to, but it will require a lot of training, as I’m not very fit and have no strength in my legs for that kind of journey. I’m going to seriously think about it over the summer and make a decision then.
We all went to the pub and back to the hotel that night. It was great fun and everyone was so friendly. It was such a random night, that if I started to explain I wouldn’t know where to start!

I got home after 5 on Saturday morning, so was delighted when my mum got up to feed the dogs and took them for a very long walk. I went to the beach and met them when I got up, and that was exactly what I needed to wake me up. OJ had the longest swim ever. I thought he was never going to come out of the water. His recall isn’t always 100% when he’s out in our garden and he gets easily distracted, but thankfully it is always excellent at the beach.

On Sunday I walked the dogs and then my family went to Belfast zoo. I hadn’t been there since I was about 4 years old, and really wanted to go to see my nephew’s reaction when he saw the animals. I rang the zoo to ask if they allowed guide dogs but they said they didn’t so I left OJ at home. When we got there my eldest nephew noticed a sign saying no domestic dogs. Assistance dogs welcome. I was a bit disappointed, because it would have been a lovely walk for OJ. The animals were far away so he wouldn’t have been a distraction for them. I also got the bus home alone because everyone else stayed and I had to work the next day so it would have been nice to have OJ with me.
We mentioned that I was told dogs weren’t allowed when we bought our tickets, and the man was very apologetic. I didn’t have to pay because people with disabilities get in free, but he let my mum go free to guide me around. I didn’t get to touch anything, and we missed the animals feeding times, but I’m still glad I went.

I went to work on Monday, raging that it was a bank holiday in the republic and everyone else seemed to be off. The weather was amazing as well. I turned on my laptop, and it died after about two minutes. The power lead kept making a strange noise and wouldn’t work, so at ten o clock they told me I could go home. I sunbathed for the rest of the day. Talk about brilliant!
I got my new power pack on Wednesday and my radio training went really well. The centre has been busy all week, mostly because of the
2D comic festival
taking place from June 4th-6th. There is a great buzz around the place, and the nice weather makes it even better.

OJ has to go to the vet for his annual vaccination today. I’m also going to find out about getting him a pet passport, as I’m hoping to take him on holidays the next time my whole family goes away. I’m getting tickets for the Swell Season in Derry on August 18th today, even though I said at first I’d give them a miss this time. I’ve seen Glen Hansard at least once a year since 2002, so it would be rude of me not to go this year! As usual I’m not sure who is coming with me. I tend to buy the tickets first and then worry about who is actually going to take me after. It’s a good summer for gigs, with Christy next week, Bruce Springsteen in July and the swell season (or the chilled out frames) in August. I’m always happy when I have live music to look forward to.