30 Challenges List

I’ve reordered the list of the 30 challenges, with the things I’ve already completed at the top.
I’ve made a few changes because I want to be excited about doing most of these things. It could change again, so suggestions always welcome.

1. Visit a city that I’ve never been to before. (Poland for my birthday)
2. Eat traditional food associated with a particular country. (dumplings in Poland)
3. Bake a cake. (Nephew Danny’s 9th birthday cake)
4. Do a short course to learn something new. (intro to CBT)
5. Take part in ‘darkness into light’ on 7th May. (lovely experience)
6. Do something historical in Belfast, since I lived there for three years and did nothing!
(I did the titanic tour with Nicky, thanks to part of my birthday present from the girls.)
7. Find Bruce Springsteen tickets for a Croke Park concert. (amazing gig!)
8. Educate myself more about mental health.
(Recently learned lots about ADHD through a transcribing job.
Also signed up for a workshop with Jigsaw Donegal but it’s not until October.)
9. Attend a musical or theatrical performance of a genre that’s not usually my type of thing!
Got this covered. People will be very surprised when they hear where I’m going!
10. Go surfing. Did I really write that? I’ll be terrified!
11. Touch an animal that I’ve never felt before.
12. Complete a 30 K walk in one day (a kilometre for every year)
I need to plan a route for this.
13. Work in the cottage bar
14. Walk the Croke Park Dublin skyline
15. Make a memory box from wood.
16. Shave someone’s head.
17. Learn a useful life skill.
18. Spend time in a recording studio watching how it works.
19.Go gliding!.
20. Do something (not fundraising) for a charity that I’ve never been involved with before
21. Something artistic or creative, since I’m not good at this stuff.
22. Work on a farm for a day.
23. Learn to make homemade pizza.
24. Learn to bake scone bread.
25. Climb Sliabh Sneacht
26. Learn to do a few simple hair styles (I can only straighten and curl it)
27. Do another outdoor activity Suggestions?
28. Learn to make homemade cosmetics
29: Get my ears pierced, and don’t let them close up this time!
30. Keep a diary. Write, blog and record as much as possible.
Use this to make an audio documentary of my challenges when I’m finished in February 2017.

I intend to do the final one anyway, but would love to end by doing something really special in February 2017. I just don’t know what yet.


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