30 Challenges List (well almost!)

Finally, here they are, well most of them anyway. There’s still space for a few more suggestions.
Some of them are things that I’ve always been curious about. They aren’t all huge challenges, and some might seem totally ridiculous!
So, in no particular order:

1. Complete a 30 mile walk with Sibyl.
2. Work in the cottage bar
This was Teresa (the owner)’s idea!
3. Find Bruce Springsteen tickets for either of the Dublin Croke Park concerts.
I’m determined to be there!
4. Walk the Croke Park Dublin skyline
Jennifer’s idea, and I didn’t even know that this was something people could do.
5. Take part in ‘darkness into light’ on 7th May.
6. Learn to bake scone bread.
7. Touch an animal that I’ve never felt before.
I’ve already touched lots!
8. Do a short course to learn something new.
9. Make a memory box from wood.
Darragh’s idea, and he said he’d help!
10. Shave someone’s head.
Any volunteers? Don’t know why, but I’ve always wanted to do this. How strange am I!
11. Attend a musical or theatrical performance of a genre that’s not usually my type of thing!
12. Learn a useful life skill, such as first aid or self-defence.
13. Spend time in a recording studio watching how it works.
I’ve always been curious about this.
14. Read one book every month, and review it afterwords.
15. Get my ears pierced, and don’t let them close up this time!
16. Do something for a charity that I’ve never been involved with before
Not Fundraising!
17. Learn more about a career that I’m interested in.
Spend a day shadowing somebody in their job.
18. Spend a day on a farm.
I’ve done various things when I was younger, but not in a long while.
19. Learn to make homemade pizza.
20. Climb Sliabh Sneacht
Apparently I’ve been up here before, but it was before I was born, so thought I’d do it 30 years later, when I can actually walk myself!
21. Visit a city that I’ve never been to before.
22. Learn to do a few simple hair styles (I can only straighten and curl it)
23. Eat traditional food associated with a particular country
24. Bake a cake
25. Do a water activity
I’ve been on a jet ski, and different types of small boats, but I’m terrified of waves!
26 – 29: There’s still time to suggest a few more ideas!
30. Keep a diary. Write or record as much as possible.
Use this to make an audio documentary of my year of challenges, when I’m finished in February 2017.

If anybody can help with any of these in any way, let me know. I haven’t thought most of them through at all!
It’s going to be a fun year!


3 thoughts on “30 Challenges List (well almost!)

  1. Sounds like a fun year you’ll have. For your walking 30 miles, you could do a mile a day for a month. There’s 30 miles :). You should have a look at a blog called Barneys long walk. It was a couple who took their pet dog walking for ages. The wife was a land scape artest. People met them along the way and i think it raised lots for guide dogs. The dog was a pet dog. I can’t remember the link though.

    What about doing something like trying to skie? Do you have a dry ski slope you could practice on? I tried it one day and it was so hard. I could only shuffle lol.

    • I don’t know aslope, but I’m sure there is one somewhere in the north. Skiing never really appealed to me, but I really should give it a try. I walk a mile at least most days anyway. We haven’t done too many really long walks together yet, but that’s going to change soon.


  2. I want to do something similar. I want to walk from Drogheda to Dundalk. It’s about 50K. I want to do it in one day though. Obviously without the dog for most of it.

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