Challenge Update

I’ve had lots of fun since I posted my previous blog. There’s been great suggestions of challenges that I can complete within the next year. I’ve definitely decided on over half of them, but there’s still time for you to suggest more!

Lots of the things people suggested are things that I’ve already done before. Joining a gym, tandem cycling, abseiling, jetskiing, canoeing, driving a car, petting some interesting animals… I’ve been very lucky to have had opportunities to do different things, but there’s still more I want to do.
I’ve divided them loosely into three different types of
challenges: new things to learn, things that could help other people as well as myself, and things that I’m curious about! This is probably the most interesting one!

Anybody who knows me well enough will already know this, but It’s important to mention anyway. I’m doing this for fun, and for no other reason. I’m not doing it because I’m blind and want to prove something. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I hate people who do challenges and extreme sports for this reason, and then talk about it and make money talking about it for years afterwords. I’ll mention no names! I’m not doing this to inspire people, or for people to think, oh isn’t she great! I’m doing it for me, just to make the next year a little bit different and a bit more fun.

The exciting thing about this is that I’m not the only one doing it. Darragh, from
who is a good friend, and always up for a bit of craic is doing it too. Hopefully he’ll blog about it, because I know he’ll do some interesting things. He’s done some crazy stuff already, I could hardly think of things for him to do.

If anyone has anymore ideas for either of us, let us know.


One thought on “Challenge Update

  1. Yes. This week especially is going to be interesting. Thanks to your suggestion. Coconut milk in coffee isn’t actually that bad. Although I’ll tell you if I’m starving later. Going vegan for one week is a bit mad!

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