30 Challenges!

I will be 30 on 18th February. That’s in twenty days time. I’m planning a fundraiser for guide dogs on the day, (I don’t want presents), but I want to do something fun this year. So I need your suggestions!
I want to challenge myself to do 30 new things this year. I’m making a list that I’ll post just before my birthday, but I need ideas.

So where did this crazy idea come from? This morning I went to the Foyle Arena in Derry, where I climbed a climbing wall for the first time. I’m not an adventurous person at all, but I was glad I did it. Doing something challenging can make you nervous and uncomfortable, but when you do it, there’s no better feeling.
Challenges are different for everyone. Going somewhere knew, learning a new route with a cane or guide dog, cooking new food, meeting new people, starting a new hobbie… All these can be challenging. I’m not looking for major fitness challenges, or I don’t want to climb Mount Everest or anything. I just want simple ideas that challenge me and encourage me to try new things. Challenges involving helping other people would also be nice.

Finding a job that I like is not included in these 30 challenges, though I’m trying to do that as well. When I am looking for work and don’t know what I want, it sometimes feels like that’s all I ever think or worry about, and that can get a bit boring and depressing! If I haven’t totally sortted a job or career path by the end of the year, I don’t want to sit back and wonder what I spent the year doing. I want to do new things and have fun. I could talk about doing this forever, but now that I’ve written it, I have to do it!

So come on, give me some ideas of new ways I can challenge myself and do something fun during the first year of my 30’s!


9 thoughts on “30 Challenges!

  1. The foyl arreena is good. I went there for a disability sports taster day ages ago when it first opened. As for chalenges, i’m doing an abseil at the end of March. You could try that? Or try a new sport? Make sure to blog about what you do though :).

    • I abseiled before when I was a lot younger. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it was really good!
      And you sport would be good, since I don’t really do any at all. Lazy me!

  2. The challenge I set for you is to make a small keep sake box for yourself out of wood. I suggest a material like velvet on the inside, a hinged lid and a varnished finish. A decorative clasp on the front might be nice as well. All of this can be done without screws using pins instead and all you’ll need is a junior hack saw to cut with. These are easier to use than a normal saw. Do you accept?

    • Christ!! That’s random! If I could be sure I wouldn’t saw my hand off, and I had a clue what I was doing, then yes, I’ll do it. But I’d really need to be sure, because I really need my hands. Without even one of those, I’d be very limited, as you can imagine! I was actually really looking forward to your reply to this post.


  3. Okay, I won’t push the exercise regime I’m into for the last couple years, given your slight relucatance for that caper, but if there is a wee swimming-pool above in Buncrana, how about taking a few trips to that and it could become a regular feature if you find yourself enjoying. It’s one of the easier and mostly painfree types of physical activity to do, even if it’s just a case of make up your own swim for starters, like. Oh yes, if there’s a sauna either at the pool or anywhere nearby, give that a whirl too; now that’s two things to think about tonight, hah?

    • John i used to go swimming a lot years ago. I think I even got a membership for the gym, which wasn’t one of my favourite Christmas presents I’ll admit. My brothers girlfriend was trying to convince me to join it with her, so you never know, I just might do that. Would really love to go cycling at least once a week, but I have no one to go with around here, and no safe roads to cycle on.

  4. Ah yes Jen, finding a suitable partner, tandem and safe route can be problematic alright. I’m probably lucky in that my current PA is very much up for the idea come finer weather and we also have the notion of of kayaking. In the meantime, besides our weekly swim, we climb a steep hill by a local lake, as I find long walks on the flat lack a real challenge and it’s good to be taken out of one’s comfort zone for a little while. But to get up to a comfortable level for these climbs and swims on a regular basis, I felt it necessary to do some in-house ecker on other days. I bought a cross trainer for that purpose and actually enjoy those workouts too, once I’ve warmed up with some sit-ups and push-ups. Now, over to the next suggestion from anoyne, c’mon!

  5. God, you are all very random with these challenges. I challenge you to get back in to the media side of things that you have not been involved in for a while cause I thought you were good at it. Now, you have to get the ball roling and start off with challenge number 1.

    • I’d still really love to make a documentary for RTE Radio, but I can’t think of a good topic that would really make them interested. Suggestions for that would be good to.
      I have to make a list of challenges the day before my birthday, and I’ll put them in order then. It would be good to start with the first one on the day.

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