Audio Transcription

You can probably guess that this is non dog related from the title. I hate cross-poasting things, so appologies to the friends on facebook who have kindly liked this page already.

I’ve recently made a facebook page to help promote the audio transcription work that I ocasionally do. I enjoy the variety of work, and it would be nice to get a bit more if possible.
I can transcribe interviews, research projects, focus groups, assignments, lectures, memoirs, personal stories, material for websites, and lots more. I’m not qualified in legal or medical transcription. It’s not my full-time job, so I don’t intend gaining either of these qualifications. Also, I prefer the more human storytelling or research aspect to the material I transcribe.

Audio transcription isn’t exactly a service that everybody would require, but maybe sometime, you, or someone you know might need it. If you could like or share my page,
I’d really appreciate it. Maybe somebody will find it useful. Word of mouth can often be a great help!



2 thoughts on “Audio Transcription

    • Thanks Beth. I’ll probably get work from it during the year when I am busy, and not now when I’m trying to find things to do during the day, particularly ones which can earn me money!

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