The Simple Things

Having a guide dog makes the simplist things even easier.


This afternoon I offered to watch my two nephews, who are eight and five years old, because their school had to finish early for staff meetings. When they came I knew they’d be hungry, but instead of making the lunch I had planned, I asked them if they wanted to go to a nearby café for sandwiches and hot chocolate. Of course they were delighted! We walked to town and had a nice lunch. They talked the whole time, making sure Sibyl was doing a good job, while also keeping back and letting her lead the way. We walked to my friend’s sweet shop, and did a couple of things in town before going home to play with lego.


It was a short walk, with two great boys who are always willing to help with anything.  They forget that I’m blind, but are also very aware of it when they need to be. Having a guide dog makes simple things like this, that most people probably take for granted much easier. If I didn’t have a dog, I wouldn’t cross the very busy road that I live beside using a cane. I definitely wouldn’t bring two children with me. I wouldn’t feel safe, and other family members would be reluctant to let me bring them. But a guide dog makes this possible. It enables me to be an aunt who enjoys spending time with my nephews, taking them places, just like everyone else in our family.


6 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. This is such a great post juxtaposed with the recent Life Unscripted post where a co-worker brought a new infant grandbaby to work but didn’t offer to let her hold the baby because she is blind. I am blind,, too, and have cared for my nieces and nephews along with my various guide dogs over the years and have always found it a joy for all of us.


    • Beth I was thinking about that post when I was writing this one, and about how unfortunate some people can be to be exposed to attitudes like that.
      Of course you have also cared for your son too 🙂

  2. Jennifer, it is not like you to be leading the boys astray on a Monday. Stop getting into bad habbits even though going to a local sweet shop and spending money is supporting local business. So, in that way you should be forgiven. 🙂

    Beth, I read that post also cause Jennifer shared it on Twitter. How sad it is indeed that people have that attitude. I do get a little bit of that from time to time but I think that it is just cause I am a man and people just think that I may not be interested in being as excited at the new baby as my female colleagues would be. I am lucky in my office that there is no barriers at all between me and my colleagues about my limitations and they would expect me to do as much as they are doing and would look to me for assistance if they needed it. Being without a Guide Dog for sometime has been hard cause I hate asking them for more help at times but equally for them, they would not like asking me too much if I need it cause they think that I want to be independent. So, its a case of learning that when you do need help genuinely, you should just ask for it in my case. Sorry this comment went on so long.

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