Three Months Update

Sibyl has been my guide dog for three months now. In some ways it feels like she’s been here longer because she settled in so quickly, but when working, she still feels like a very new guide dog.

The last few months have been challenging in some ways. I’ve really had to adapt to a much smaller dog, and learn to feel as safe with her as I did before. There’s something nice about having a big protective dog by your side, but I’ve discovered that small ones can have equally big personalities!

I’ve really had to work hard at developing a good spending routine with Sibyl, and I think we’ve just about done that in the last week or so. It really takes a lot of patience, and sometimes involves changing plans or the types of walks we do. Saying that, dogs are dogs, and they’ll still need to go at times, but as long as she doesn’t go when her harness is on, and manages to wait until we get to grass, It’s fine.

An unexpected part of having a new dog was a small lump that a friend found in Sibyl’s mouth just over a month ago. Although her trainer and the vet were convinced it was nothing serious, the vet removed it two weeks ago, due to how quickly it had gotten bigger. If I wasn’t lazy I’d go and look up the medical term, but basically it was a virus, which could return, but which may have fallen off on it’s own. As the vet said though, better safe than sorry! It was disappointing because I’ve had so many things like that happen with O.J before, and this is obviously a new dog, so how could I be so unlucky again, especially after only having her for ten weeks at that time. Anyway thankfully she recovered with no problems at all. The ear infection she had at the same time seemed to be a bigger deal than the operation was, but that’s on the mend too, I think.

Sibyl and I both still have lots of work to do. Although I’m very happy with her work so far, I haven’t had that “one brilliant walk” yet. Guide dog owners will know what I mean, the one where you think waw! This dog is amazing! I think from that point on, you start to feel like you have a good solid trustworthy working dog to guide you. They say it can take six months to a year to really settle with a new dog, and I’m sure that somewhere within this timeframe, that amazing walk happens. I’m not rushing things though, and I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made so far, especially considering we’ve had to work out a spending routine, deal with a change of food and a small operation.

Although Sibyl’s work is far from perfect yet, I’m bringing her somewhere soon which will be a bit of a challenge, and something I’ve never done with a dog before. She has so much confidence and nothing really phases her, so I think she’ll be fine. I’ll blog all about that soon.


3 thoughts on “Three Months Update

  1. Good to hear that Sybil and you are settling well together. It’s bound to be tough starting again and it’s only natural to be comparing with how OJ worked. He was probably such a quick learner that Sybil seems slower in comparison. I’m sure she’ll get there though. Glad her wee health problems were minor. Hope you have many happy years together – starting with that brilliant walk soon.

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