Guide Dog Day

Today is guide dog day,. Irish guide dogs have collections and events taking place all around the country. It has replaced ‘shades’ week, which was their annual fundraising event at the beginning of May, which was always launched by their patron Roy Keane. Roy visited the centre two weeks ago, and did
an interview
with Kevin Kelly, who is from Donegal. Have a look, it’s really good.

Guide dog day seemed like a good day to introduce people to my new dog. She’s a golden lab x retriever, and her name is Sibyl.
I arrived in Cork on Monday afternoon, but we didn’t get our dogs until Tuesday morning. We’ve been getting to know each other since then, and so far I’m very impressed! She’s quite shy until she gets to know you, so the dog I have now acts completely different to the one I met three days ago. Her work seems good, and nothing really seems to phase her. The only major change I have to get used to is her small size. It feels strange when we’re walking, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough. She may be small, and have a cute lady-like name, but you want to hear her snoring!!!

I didn’t want to write a detailed account of training. Guide dog owners have done it very well, and I’m envious and impressed by how well they explain things in such detail. I just don’t have the brains for that this week. I’m very lucky to be training with a great instructor and two other trainees who are very nice. The evenings are very quiet, so thankfully we all keep each other entertained by talking and winding each other up. The three dogs on class all look very different, and they are all working well. The staff are great, and the food is amazing!

I’ve had lovely blog comments, texts, emails and tweets during the last week, and I really appreciated them all. Changing dogs is definitely not an easy thing to do, but I’m lucky to know so many helpful kind people who have made it a bit easier.


6 thoughts on “Guide Dog Day

  1. Congratulations! Very exciting and challenging both. Best wishes to you from myself and retired Seeing Eye dog Hanni (age 15).

  2. Aah I thought she might be your dog!! Just purely as she’s quite small and so are you. My friend is 5’2 and he has the tiniest dog she’s 21kg when Ivy and Una play she looks like s puppy compared to Una! Glad your training is going well x

  3. I’m glad you and Sibyl are doing well. I’m sure you’re finding it hard working with a girl compared to a boy.

    I hope the next week goes well too.

    I’d love to do class again purely for the craic lol.


  4. Best wishes to you and Sybil. I hope you’ll have many great adventures together. She’s a wee beauty. I hope you continue with the blogs even though they were originally from OJ. Really enjoy reading them. Keep well xx

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