Good Work O.J!

I’m a bit late writing about the churchgate collection, but wanted to mention it since it’s probably O.J’s last one. This year we raised 1,505 euros, which I was very happy with. The weather stayed dry for a change, and it was lovely that people took time to chat before going into mass. So many people know O.J’s name, and talk to him like he’s a human, it’s very funny. Of course he loved all the attention.
I was lucky to have the help of my nephew, his two friends, my mum and her Spanish student to help me count the money. I wanted to make sure that it was lodged the next day since the rest of the week would be busy. We’ve no machines to count it, so always just do it ourselves. It doesn’t take long when there’s people to help, but I wouldn’t fancy doing it on my own.

After a stressful experience in the bank to lodge the money on Monday, I went to Glenveagh with my PA Donna, who is more like a friend at this stage. We walked the 4KM up to the castle, where we relaxed and had a cup of tea. I let O.J off his lead for this, and although he was very excited, he stayed close in front of us. Donna described the gardens and showed me some of the interesting trees. The weather was beautiful. It’s such a lovely part of the county, in the hills, in the middle of nowhere. O.J worked brilliantly all the way back to the car. He kept up a really good speed during the walk, and wasn’t as tired as I had expected him to be when we got home. He definitely sniffs a lot more these days, but his speed and willingness to work is still really good.

We’ve had a couple of nice walks since Monday, and worked in a couple of schools. It’s been an interesting week, but being able to get out now that the weather has improved has definitely helped to make it a good one.

3 thoughts on “Good Work O.J!

  1. Question: do the different denominations of Euros come in different sizes? Could you have possibly counted the money yourself if you’d had the time? Just asking as it is so disappointing that all the denominations of U.S. currency is the same size and similar colors –even if I had a little sight I wouldn’t be able to differentiate one bill from another on my own, I’d would have had to use a “money identifier” of some sort — I have one on my iPhone but gee, all this would be easier if they’d differentiated the sizes of currency here!


    • They are different sizes. All the coins are different sizes and have different edges. The notes get slightly bigger the higher their value goes. So technically I could have counted it myself, but it would have taken a long while. I did manage to sort out most of the coins myself and separate them into different denominations before everybody else helped me to count and bag them.


  2. Thanks for letting me know –I did some research — more than 100 countries vary the size of their paper currency — or add other features that can be distinguished by touch — to help people with visual impairments.
    For all of our advances, the United States remains virtually alone in the world in its use of currency—in all denominations—that
    is identical in size.

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