Happy Birthday

O.J is nine today!

I’ve nothing major to write about, but I just wanted to mark what will probably be his last birthday as a working dog.
It would have been nice to bring him to the beach or for a long walk today since the weather finally decided to improve, but I had to go to work for a while, so O.J spent most of the day working. He was in a very inquisitive mood when I went for lunch and went to a couple of shops. He really is craving lots of attention these days. Funny dog!
Hopefully we’ll get a nice walk tomorrow before the annual guide dogs churchgate collection.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Belated happy birthday OJ. Can’t believe he is 9. Doesn’t seem all that long when we got him at 6 weeks. Good luck to you, Jennifer, on getting a suitable replacement. OJ is still very welcome to retire with us in Kerry. Sorry we cannot move to Donegal.

    • I really wish I’d seen him when he was that young. He must have been so cute! Pity we couldn’t move Kerry closer to hear. He’d love to live back there again I think.


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