Toys and Beds

I’ve wanted to buy the dogs, (particularly Dougal) an interactive toy, where they have to try and dispense food using their noses and paws. It keeps their mind active, and is more challenging than just always eating food from a bowl or from my hand. Thanks to
who mentioned it on twitter, I bought this
dog brick activity toy.

Nina Ottosson is a Swedish dog trainer, and she has designed a range of toys. This particular one is basically a plastic board with bone shaped holes where food can be placed. The dog has to slide the plastic which covers the hole across to find the treat. There are also some plastic bones covering the holes, which the dog has to lift off to reach the food, making it harder to access. I’m probably not explaining it very well!

So, was the game any good?
It was for a few minutes, but both dogs figured it out quickly enough, Dougal obviously being a bit slower than O.J. When I tried it the first time, I didn’t use the bones that cover the holes, just to make it more simple. When I used them today, and the dogs had to lift them off, it made the fun last a bit longer.
I like the fact that the toy has grips on the bottom to keep it from moving around the floor when the dogs are playing with it.It’s also easy to clean. I’d like to find a more challenging toy, but this was a good start.

Spoilt paws O.J also got a new bed last week. This dog has had so many beds it’s rediculous! In the beginning, I used the fleece in the plastic basket shaped bed I took home from Cork. After a while, I found that actual fabric beds were easier to clean. I bought the dogs an expensive enough one when they were both still young, and it got torn one day when someone came to the door and they excitedly began playing tug of war with it, just to show off. That was the end of the expensive beds for a while. I’ve had various cheaper beds, and renew them when they get torn, smelly or out of shape, since most of them don’t survive too many washes. I’m also a bit limited for space since moving to my own house, baring in mind that there are sometimes three dogs sleeping in my hall! Last week I found a fancy looking bed on offer in TK Max, and feeling sorry for O.J after his operation, I decided to treat him. The outside cover comes off and can be washed. Luckily the dogs are well past the tug of war stage, but this bed is heavy, so I doubt they’d want to carry it too far anyway. Dougal will cuddle with O.J, but I usually put him in his crate at night. He has a favourite bed in there. It’s like a cushion shape that I bought in the pet shop for around £9. I have two now, because when I used to put it in the wash and he had to use a different blanket, It was like the end of the world! He’d wake up early, so we all didn’t get as much sleep!

I’m not somebody who constantly buys their dog toys, just because I love spoilling them. People who talk about their animals like they are children drive me nuts!! I’m practical, and only buy things I need. Nothing wrong with spoilling your pup if that’s what you’re into, but I just don’t want to come across like that in this post!

After all that, if anyone has a dog activity toy, or a good bed that they can recommend, I’d love to hear about it!

7 thoughts on “Toys and Beds

  1. I remember buying ushi a cool sounding water proof bed once for my uncles. I had to raffle it to guide dogs because Ushi wouldn’t lie on it! Thed beds i usually buy are like big pillows which the cover comes off.

    As for the interactive toys, I bought Ushi a kong wobbler once. I put her breakfast in it as i had heard that the dog could have a meal in it. About 15 minutes later, Ushi was still sitting whining at it until i opened it and poured it in to her bowl. She ate it grand after that. The kong wobbler had to find a new home too. It’s even a push to get her to use the normal kong filled with her food and frozen. She just doesn’t dig interactive toys.

    I hope OJ is well. xx

  2. If you type in ‘the green dog feeder’ into YouTube it shows a video of a dog trying to eat its food from it. It’s expensive and costs the best part of £20 but it is very well designed and defiantly slows them down.

  3. Danish Design do some fabulous dog beds, shaped like the plastic dog beds but made of fabric we’ve had the same ones for over 5 years now and they’re still going strong…can be expensive but our 2 absolutely love them AND they don’t hurt if you walk into them.

  4. I’ve heard those beds recommended before but never seen them. I’ve also heard about the feeding toy. Would like to have a look at one sometime too. Thanks for the recommendations.

  5. Hi I spent ages buying uma cheap beds from argos just like the pillows with covers and have been through 3 and had enough. I looked in both pets and home and tk maxx for a bed for uma and none of them were big enough so I decided in the dnd to order one from orvis. uma loves it plus it can all be taken apart and washed also once the insides go flat you can purchase new parts. It wasn’t cheap £120 but have had it over a year now and it’s still fine, uma is a big dog so for smaller dogs it would be cheaper.

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