Seven Years, Seven Funny Things

This day seven years ago, 22nd June 2007, I met O.J in Cork for the very first time. Hard to believe it’s so long ago now. I’ve written about it
here. So much has changed since then. O.J has made so many things possible, and has given me so much freedom.
Apart from being a great worker and great company, O.J is probably the funniest dog I know. Here’s seven things he does regularly that always make me laugh.

1. Mr. Sensitive: WhenO.J is lying beside me, his paws have to be touching me in some way. He lies on my feet or wraps his paws around my leg, especially when we’re on the bus. He will even do this to whoever happens to sit beside us. He walks to the left of everything, and I have to explain why to every new person we walk with because they think he is very strange. He’ll walk me into a puddle, just so he can walk himself around it.
2. Demanding attention: O.J randomly comes over to be petted, and if I’m doing something and ignore him, he will nudge my elbow and lift it up until I pet him. It’s impossible to type when he starts doing this, so I usually just end up laughing at him and giving him a big cuddle.
3. welcoming visitors: Anyone who comes to our door usually gets O.J’s bone, (and whatever other toys he can find) in their face. If There’s no toys around, he’ll try and pick up something else. Thankfully he’s learned that the cushions are not for playing with.
4. Play biting: If you talk to O.J and pet him for more than a couple of minutes with his harness off, expect lots of play biting and silliness. He is very gentle and it never hurts. He just can’t seem to keep his mouth closed!
5. Sniffing: O.J cant resist stopping to sniff, even often when he is working. I correct him, and two minutes later he does it again. He’ll sometimes turn his head slightly to the side while walking, and grab a piece of grass to eat.
6. Noisy dog: O.J loves to bark, and even if you tell him to stop, he’ll close his mouth and still try to bark, so it sounds hilarious. He groans when he’s lying down or stretching, barks in his dreams, and has recently howled a few times in his sleep. Sometimes he whines if he’s excited, especially if he sees the beach, or if I show him his lead without the harness and ask him if he wants to go to the beach. Otherwise, he’s a very quiet dog!
7. Such a chancer! When O.J is trying to do something he shouldn’t, he can move so quietly, it’s scarey! He loves taking other dog’s beds, and he’d eat any food if he had the chance. If he doesn’t want to do something, he’ll do it as slowly as possible. There’s been times where I’ve told him to go to bed maybe three times, and on the third time, he’ll go and have a drink of water on his way to bed, as if he really needed it. He does things in his own time, nobody else’s! Today when we were out for breakfast, he attempted to eat a napkin, leaving it in pieces on the floor. Recently when we were out for dinner he chewed a beer mat. He positions himself so close to the thing he wants that sometimes you don’t even realise he’s up to something.

I had hoped to take O.J to the beach today, but it didn’t happen. Instead we went for a few walks. One of those was the walk back from my parent’s house, which was the first walk I ever did with O.J in Donegal. It’s still one of his favourite places, and mine too.


3 thoughts on “Seven Years, Seven Funny Things

  1. OJ’s a real cool kid and I’m glad that I’ve been lucky enough to meet him a few times. I think he knows that he’s the real boss 🙂

  2. Lol Ushi will take me to the left of everything too, and if somebody doesn’t know, they panick and shout “She’s taking you too close to the kerb!” followed by them trying to get me to move over lol. Wow hard to believe it’s really been 7 years! Wow!

    I remember when i met you with Ushi and OJ did that wee bark. It was as if he was saying “She’s not going to hear me if i do it”.

    Take care, xx


  3. Ah yes, the beer mat story, that was made all the more funnier by the reaction of the waiting staff. They found the dogs fascinating and just loved watching them and the way they behaved while we were there. He certainly is a character and has his own little personality.

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