You know times flying when you get a call from guide dogs telling you that you are due an aftercare visit. It’s been just over 15 months since my last visit from a guide dog mobility instructor (GDMI), or trainer in simple terms! I’ve had a different trainer every year since I’ve trained with O.J, and I always enjoy talking to them, because their job is fascinating. I usually always ask lots of questions! Today I was a bit nervous beforehand, so I probably talked a lot more than usual!!

O.J did great work this morning and was quite lively all day, even when we were working in a school. I was hoping he would keep it up, and he didn’t disappoint. After the initial excitement of having a new visitor, both dogs lay quietly while we talked. We did a short walk into town, and O.J was great. He walked quickly and seemed excited to be out. The feedback I got was the exact same feedback that I get about him every year, ‘he’s quite sniffy but responds quickly when I correct him, so absolutely nothing to worry about.’ I knew he wasn’t going to do anything drastically bad, but it’s always a relief to have a well behaved dog when the trainer is watching!. He thinks that there’s no reason why O.J shouldn’t work until he is ten, unless of course there’s a health issue. I’m keeping a close watch on a small lump he has at the minute, but hopefully it’s nothing to be concerned about.

The walk with O.J only took 20 minutes. The rest of the two hour visit was taken up by discussing my next dog. Irish guide dogs suggested that I do all the paperwork for my next dog now, and when I decide to go on the waiting list for a new one (hopefully in about a years time), my file will have been updated and the trainers might be able to find a match quicker. If I waited to do the paperwork the next time a trainer comes to my area, O.J will be nine and a half, meaning that I could have to wait for a while without a dog. I’d prefer to go from one dog to another as quickly as possible, since I don’t think I’d had the confidence to get around independently without one.

The matching process involves answering a lot of questions about the kind of lifestyle I lead, where I think i’ll be in the future, and what qualities I want in a dog. I’m quite open to any breed, preferring to base the choice on the best match, rather than the type of dog. There’s a few things I’d like in a dog, and I had a good chance to ask questions and talk about those.

After filling in the form, we did the dreaded short handle walk! Basically I had to walk out the road, holding the harness handle while the trainer held the other end, pretending he was the dog. This is to judge how fast I walk, how well I can follow the harness, and how much tention I put on it, and the tone of my voice when I give a correction or praise the dog. I hoped nobody I knew would see me, but the trainer made it relaxing and good fun.

I did my first assessment with Irish guide dogs in 2005, and even 9 years later, I’m still fascinated about how the matching process works. Although it’s hard to think of your next dog when your current one is sleeping a few feet away, i’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to do it today. When it comes to guide dog training and aftercare, I can’t praise Irish guide dogs enough. Even though I live so far from the centre, their support has always been excellent. Part of me was dreading the visit today, but now I’m much happier, and really glad that I got the paperwork for the next dog done. I just don’t want to have to meet my new pup for another while yet!


3 thoughts on “O.J’sAftercare

  1. I always get nervous about aftercare for some reason. I’m glad it went well. I’ve just had Ushi’s too recently and thankfully it went well too. I hope Oj keeps working for a while yet. xx


  2. Aww I can’t believe you have had oj that libg I thought of you earlier and checked this blog out.

    Uma is nearly 6 and a half it goes so quickly I can’t imagine my next dog I just though I want black next time and slightly bigger in size as uma is a bit small for me although I wouldn’t say no if everything else matched!

    Glad your doing ok

    • Hi Terri! Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well. What are you up to these days?
      I can’t believe you’ve had Uma that long either. Time flies!!

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