Have You Met Your Dog’s Puppywalker?

There’s lots going on round here these days, mainly lots of working and walking, but nothing specific to write about. I thought it was time for a nice feel-good post.

Patti from the brilliant
Plays With Puppies
had the opportunity that every puppywalker (puppy raiser in America) hopes for. She met her third qualified guide dog Dutch’s new owner recently. You really should read her
because it’s really lovely. She describes the photographs in such detail too, it’s very impressive.

When I was given the details of O.J’s puppywalkers when we qualified, I knew I definitely wanted to meet them sometime. Why would I not! When I traveled to their house 18 months later and he recognised the area, O.J was one happy dog! I can’t thank them enough for the work they put in during the first year of his life.

Have you met your dog’s puppywalkers? How did it go?

Puppywalkers, have you met dogs that you have helped to train? What was it like to see your pup working as a qualified guide dog?


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