My Plans for 2014

I’ve started so many blog posts in my head since the start of the year, but this is the first that’s actually made it to the computer. Who knows, it might even get posted!

The start of 2014 has been busy, in a good way. I loved being off for Christmas, but it’s always good to get back into some sort of routine. A good routine is something I’m going to have to try and stick to from now on to stop me from going insane.
This week is the last week of my contract at work. From Monday 27th, I’ll be nearly unemployed. I’ll have work one day a week, or two if I’m very lucky until the end of the school year. Then I’ll have to find a new job, so I’ve started looking already. I need to try and keep myself in some sort of routine. I have some plans, but any suggestions from anyone who has been unemployed before would be great! Here are my plans so far:

1. Get up early. I’m not a morning person, so I don’t plan to get up before 7 like I would if I was working in Letterkenny, but I want to get up early and go to bed at a decent time. Staying up late and getting up late is a recipe for disaster!

2. Speaking of recipes, I want to cook more meals from scratch, freeze more dinners and eat better in general. I want to make dinner for my parents more often, and have my nephews over to give their parents a break. My brother in law is an amazing cook, and I’m not good enough to make him dinner yet! I’m lucky that I can use some of my PA hours to do a big food shop once a week, meaning that I can take my time, buy healthy food cheaply, and not have to run to the nearest more expensive shop every two days. I’ve been putting my new blender to good use by making lots of soup already, and I’ve started baking too.

3. Try something new. I haven’t decided what this will be yet. It could be volunteering, just something to keep me busy and allow me to learn new things. People keep asking me if I’ll go back to college. Apart from the expense of it that I just couldn’t afford, I don’t see the point of studying for the sake of it. Another degree isn’t going to guarantee me a job, so what’s the point.

4. Start surfing. Online that is, not real surfing. I’d be useless at it and I’m slightly terrified of waves! The internet will be my best friend during the next while, but I don’t want to use it just to pass the time. As well as looking for jobs locally, I’m going to look at online and freelance work. I’ve been lucky enough to get three transcribing jobs last year, and the idea that I can be working in my house for someone even in a different country is fascinating, and could open a lot of possibilities. I’m not going to be one of those people who constantly complains about not being able to find work, when the truth is that they haven’t looked past the adds in their local paper. There aren’t many job opportunities where I live, and even less if you’re blind, but I don’t want to move, so I’m going to find something and make it work.

5. Lots of walking. Going for long walks with the dogs is one of my favourite things to do, and I find it’s a brilliant way to relax and helps me to think. O.J helps me to get around independently and do the things I need to do, but I can’t take Dougal when we’re out and about. This means that he has to be walked, so we try to all go for an hour long walk a few times a week. People are used to seeing me out with both dogs around the beach, and they’ll be seeing more of us in 2014. I’m so glad that I have both dogs, and when I’m not working, they are the two things that will keep me in a routine and get me out of the house.

So that’s my plans. It’s going to be an interesting year.


4 thoughts on “My Plans for 2014

  1. I especially like the goal aboutcooking more. I think you’ll enjoy it, plus it will save you money (I can’t rmember — pounds or Euros?!) while you look for work. Good luck with all this —

  2. Sorry to hear your job is ending, but at least you’ve got plenty to occupy you. Getting up early isn’t my strong point either, but it really does create problems if you do stay up too late. I’ve been making myself go to bed at a decent time lately but sometimes that doesn’t even work.

    I’m sure you’ll find it hard not having work but hopefully you’ll find somewhere to volunteer or something.

    Take care, xx


    • Hi! It’s always nice when a Lurker finally posts 🙂
      I’ve seen your name before somewhere.
      Dougal is my pet dog. He’s a bichon frise. I’ve mentioned him lots, maybe just not for a while.

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