Welcome to winter

The last few weeks have started to get cold around here. Buying a good amount of oil, bleeding radiators and cooking dinners that make enough for three people that I can freeze are definitely signs of winter!
As long as it stays dry and the ice stays away, I don’t mind winter much because I can still get out walking with the dogs at weekends and when I’m not working. Dougal got a haircut at the end of September, so he’s feeling the cold a bit these days. So much so that he walks with his coat on no problem. In previous years he would just refuse to walk and I’d practically have to carry him. O.J seems to prefer the colder weather to the heat we had in the summer, and is playful and full of energy these days.

I’ve been busy in the last few weeks visiting babies, entertaining visitors and organising our new school project in work. I have lots on between now and Christmas, and O.J will be part of most of it, so he’ll be happy to be kept busy again. My favourite thing about this dog is how relaxed he is when he has to be if he can’t come somewhere with me, and how he’s just ready to go when I need him. That’s the kind of dog I always wanted.

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to post a link that’s definitely worth checking out.
Simon Fitzmaurice is incredible! That’s the only way I can describe his life and his story. If there was an award for the most determined person in Ireland he’d probably win. Himself and his wife Ruth were interviewed on the radio yesterday.
I’d advise anyone to take 20 minutes out of your day, listen to
their interview
on today FM, and have a look at the articles Simon has written and the amazing film he wants to direct. I don’t want to explain it all here. Just have a look for yourself, because it’s definitely worth the time, and really puts everything into perspective.


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