The Good Stuff: What’s It Like To Go Blind?

Check out this video!

What’s It Like To Go Blind
is a video made by Craig Benzine and a group of guys who make videos for a youtube channel called
The Good Stuff.
One of my favourite bloggers,
Beth Finke
was filmed and interviewed for a recent episode about the theme of senses, and it turned out great. Its a lively, lighthearted but informative piece that answers a lot of questions people often have about blindness.
Its definitely worth watching!
I’m also looking forward to watching more of the videos that ‘the good stuff’ have already made. They sound like fun!


8 thoughts on “The Good Stuff: What’s It Like To Go Blind?

  1. Wow, what a week! First those guys from The Good Stuff do a fantastic job editing and producing that very cool video, and now Paws for Thought calls me one of your favorite bloggers — I’m beaming! Thanks for th plug, and I hope a lot of your readers link to the YouTube video. These guys work hard at day jobs and do all this in their “spare” time, so dedicated and such good work…

  2. Oh, and I’m eager to hear what you think of the background music, I thought the guitar at the end was just right, not too sappy, yet thoughtful? You are my music expert, eager to hear your opinion.

    • I liked the music. As you said, not sappy at the end, and I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoyed the video so much. Its educational, but not cheesy or corny in any way. Of course the best music is when you play the piano!

      • Ha! That part where I played the piano was the most nervous I was during the four hours of filming. I enjoy playing piano, but not when anyone is listening — glad they kept that part short!

  3. I am looking forward to listening to this. Its nice to see that something that creates awareness can also be light-hearted and, from what you say funny also. Fair play Beth.

  4. Ok, I have listened now Beth. A great video and yes, I liked the music. It just blended into the background and didn’t at all take over. It just sounded so natural like you were all sitting round having a cup of tea or something and chatting. Nice and educational but not too formal. God job 🙂

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