Where did September go?

I can’t believe Septembers nearly over! I think I’ve only written one post. I’m usually good at writing in September since its a busy month.
This year was no different. I’ve been busy in work, trying to get funding, helping a colleague with funding applications and waiting for results. It looks like I’m going to be there now until February, working with secondary school pupils which will be very different.

I’ve just finished transcribing audio for a project that local women are putting together. Basically they are creating a book and a website with audio of stories about growing up in Inishowen. There wasn’t half as much work as we expected at first, but it was still brilliant to get it, and I found the stories very interesting. I’ll write more about it when its all put together. I’m always grateful to get freelance work like that.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to Portugal again this year with Nicky. We went on 18th September for four days, and the weather was lovely. Nicky played music along with lots of other singers and musicians, as part of a country music week. Of course the music is different to what I’d listen to at home, but I really enjoyed everything about the week. My aunt and uncle came this year for the first time, and they had a great time. Our dogs stayed at home, because even though they have passports and could travel, it was too hot and we didn’t really need them. The more I travel to warm places, the less likely I am to want to bring a dog. Maybe my next dog will be different, but OJ definitely wouldn’t appreciate the sun at all.

We’ve had lovely dry weather recently, so Dougal and OJ have had lots of nice walks. Hopefully the weather will stay like that for another while. We don’t mind the cold at all when the rain and ice stay away.


One thought on “Where did September go?

  1. Yeah it’s so hard to believe that October is on us already. I hope winter is kept at bay for a long time. I find projects like that interesting. Especially ones about belfast. It really makes you think doesn’t it? xx

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