OJ’s First Wedding

I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth, or my blog hasn’t either, but I thought its time I wrote something. I’m typing this from my new office, which finally got sorted almost two years after I moved house. The front room was becoming a storage dumping ground, so my sister and brother in law came to Ikea with me last week to get a desk, CD holders and presses to store things. Luckily he loves making up flat pack things, and the room turned out great. Just in time, as I got a transcription job today which means i will spend lots of time in this room during the next few weeks. The deadlines closer than I thought, no pressure!!

Anyway, as the title suggests, that wasn’t what I wanted to write about. This has been a very busy year for weddings, and Nicky and I have been to three in the last month. OJ only went to one of these last weekend, as unlike the others, it involved a bit of traveling. Robin and Emma got married in Cavan last Saturday. They are friends of Nicky’s, and I’ve chatted to Emma lots before, but never actually met either of them. You’d think meeting the bride and groom the day before their wedding would make the day awkward, but not at all! I had a brilliant time.

The journey to Dublin started early and I was there by 11 A.M. I met up with Nicky and a couple of friends and we got a bus to Cavan. We stayed in the hotel where the wedding was taking place the following day, which made things a lot easier. I spent the day relaxing and meeting lots of new people. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and the staff at the hotel were great too. There was lots of grass for the dogs, and it was great to have them there to help us get around.

On Saturday morning myself and a few of the girls got our hair and makeup done, and OJ lay quietly looking around him during all of this. Staff were great at describing what they were doing and asking exactly what I wanted which was great, since I’d usually have a family member or friend there when I’m getting this kind of thing done. As far as accessibility goes, you couldn’t have asked for better at this wedding. Braille readers were offered the wedding booklet in braille when we came into the chapel, and family members were there waiting to guide us to our seats. OJ and I sat in an area in the church which had plenty of room for him, but he still insisted on standing up every time I stood, much to the amusement of the people behind me. Nicky sang as part of the mass, and the music was lovely. You could tell how much effort was put into choosing the pieces. When the bus brought us back to the hotel, guests were entertained by a jazz band. The bride and groom didn’t go off and have photos taken, so it was nice to see them being able to enjoy the afternoon with their guests as well. Dinner was held in a marquee. The food was beautiful and the speeches were heartfelt and enjoyable. The dogs were given bowls of water as soon as we sat down, and waited patiently for their own dinner after ours. We left them in the room for the night. They were happy to sleep while we enjoyed the band, the disco and the sing-song afterwords. There were lots of amazing singers! I loved the fact that everyone was so friendly, and people introduced themselves during the day and wanted to talk and be friendly. Often at weddings people stick to their own group or table, but on Saturday that definitely wasn’t the case.

Its lovely to attend a wedding knowing only a few people beforehand, but feel completely relaxed with everybody and know a lot more by the end! Its also great to be able to take a guide dog and for that to be totally normal. Nothing was a big deal for anybody. The dogs were just like guests, so OJ will expect the same treatment next time he goes to another wedding! People offered help if they thought we needed it, but weren’t over helpful.
Robin and Emma put so much planning and effort into the day and it showed. They are a lovely couple, and I’m looking forward to getting to spend more time with them in the future.


3 thoughts on “OJ’s First Wedding

  1. Glad you all had such fun at the wedding. I know you didn’t mean to have this post center on how you go about setting up an office, but I’m curious: have you come up with any brilliant way to store your
    CDs? I stick a Braille on the right hand corner of my CDs, but that makes it awkward to feel that Braille if I just stack the CDs in bins.

    • Beth these cd holders are like marrow book shelves. I braille the album titles on the spine of the cd cover (if cd covers even have spines?) but you know what i mean. Then I can easily read them as the braille is facing me. The only problem about these pparticular cd holders is they can be used for dvds too, so each individual cd slot isn’t separated. You can fit 15 cds on each shelf sitting side by side. Its a minor thing really. That’s probably a lot more information than you wanted to know haha.

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