My Other Job

When i worked in Derry in an arts centre, my job involved a great variety of things. One of those things was listening to interviews or recordings and transcribing them. Topics ranged from politics, to opinions of young people, to a project about street drinkers, which was one of the more difficult tasks.
A few weeks into our disability studies course, the lecture happened to ask a visually impaired student if he knew of any technology that would transcribe recordings. He didn’t, and i told him that’s what i used to do, and i ended up getting a job for myself. That’s what i get for opening my mouth!!
I transcribed interviews for a research paper, and it was very interesting, because the topic related to what i would do in work anyway. I learned lots without having to do the research or write the research paper, so it was great for me. I didn the bulk of the work during the last two weeks on my days off and in the evenings, and probably wrote around 40,000 words in that time.

Remember how i said i began doing this work as part of my job in Derry? Well at the beginning of March, someone i worked with back then rang me to ask if i’d be interested in putting in a quote for a big project. A local woman’s group are recording interviews in Derry, and these have to be transcribed as part of the project. He remembered i’d done it before, recommended me and the group organiser got in touch. I found out on Tuesday, the day before i completed the research transcriptions, that i got the work. During the month of September i’ll be transcribing thirty interviews, so over sixty hours of work, during any free time i have.

Its funny how things work out. My jobs have always come from the people i know, or someone who knows someone. That’s how i hear about them, but obviously i get work if i’m suitable for it, not just because people know me. Its nice when people can recommend you or ask you to do something. Its also nice to have an opportunity every so often to get a bit of extra evening work or whatever, because as a blind person, it can be hard enough to find work at all, never mind something extra. Most of my friends have things they can do to earn extra money along with their own jobs, whether its teaching music, giving grinds to students, babysitting or whatever. Its great to have that opportunity too.


4 thoughts on “My Other Job

  1. Congrats on the new job. Transcribing isn’t easy to do, and you have to develop a knack for knowing exactly what to leave in and where to put emphasis. Those women were wise to hire you, and I know they will be delighted with the end product.

    • I think i can safely say that you did work hard in the last few weeks. When you get something started you stick with it and see it through. Its all about getting out there and just talking and keeping your ears open for opportunities and you certainly have the nack for that. Now, maybe I am a bit biased here but who cares. 🙂

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