I’ve finally given in and bought an IPhone. Many blind and visually impaired people would say I should have done it ages ago, but I was being stubborn, until I saw that there really isn’t a phone available that is as accessible.

I bought the blackberry curve and installed the free screenreader
last June
The phone had a faulty battery and i got a replacement two months later. Overall, I liked the physical appearance of the phone, and the way it worked, but the screenreader still has some issues that caused the phone to freeze any time I needed it to do something online that took a bit longer than using twitter. I would rarely go online or use apps, and I didn’t even consider connecting it to my email account. That would confuse it completely! I sold the phone at the end of January, used my ten year old one for a while, and bought the IPhone 4s at the end of February.

Its true that the IPhone can’t be beat when it comes to accessibility. Apps and emails are easy to use, and everything works without any bother. I did prefer using twitter on the Blackberry and found it much quicker. The bluetooth keyboard is much easier than texting on the phone, but I hope to look at Flexi soon, because I’ve heard good things about it. The phone is definitely slower, and it has taught me to have more patience, but I’m sure things will get faster the longer I have it. The touch screen is less of a learning curve than I expected, but it helped that I was able to look at other people’s phones first. I would advise anybody getting one to try and do this, or just get it and be determined to figure it out. Sometimes the more you ask, and the more you think about getting something, the more you put yourself off it, and that’s what happened to me. When I bought the phone, I wasn’t excited about it at all, but I’m glad I have it now.
For piece of mind, its definitely worth the money, but its still annoying that they are rediculously expensive on pay as you go, and not everyone wants another bill every month, which costs more than they would normally spend on credit.

I’m never going to become one of those Apple crazy people, who constantly talk about the latest app or the latest new thing their phone can do. There’s enough of them out there! Seriously though, for me, its just another thing I use to help me to communicate with people.
I don’t want to dismiss the Blackberry completely. I think Research in Motion are doing fantastic work, and I hope they can continue to improve on what they have done. In the meantime, they are great at replacing broken phones within a short space of time, and that’s one good thing 😀

2 thoughts on “IPhone

  1. I was really hoping Blackberry would come out with a phone that could compete with the iPhone in terms of “out of the box” accessibility, but sadly, even the newest versions fail in that area. After getting my iPhone a year and a half ago, I’d have to say that I’m hooked. I just like the way it allows me to do everything my husband can do with his, sometimes even quicker 🙂

    • Hi, I don’t think that any phone is going to compete with the Iphone at this stage. I have used an Iphone now for just over two years. I am all for people making their own choices though. Its like a car, everyone won’t rush to buy the same type as it won’t always suit them. There is no doubt about it though. For blind people at present the Iphone is the most stable and cost effective in the long term to use.

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