Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee first, this is a long post!

Last weekend, Nicky and I went to Edinburgh. It was something I’ve wanted to do for years, and the flights were my birthday present. The whole trip was brilliant from start to finish, everyone was so helpful and lovely and it couldn’t have gone better.

I got the bus to Dublin on Friday morning and met Nicky and Orrin there. The assistance in Dublin airport was fantastic. The people bringing us around were friendly and professional, we didn’t have to queue at all, and had an hour for coffee before they brought us on the plane. The dogs did great, and O J was a good example to Orrin, who was flying for the first time. Again the assistance in Edinburgh were great, and brought us to a bus to the train station when we got our luggage. My parents got me a very handy suitcase for my birthday that you can just wheel and walk with it beside you, which I’d definitely recommend for anyone travelling with a guide dog.
The only minor problem we encountered was at the train station, because we hadn’t booked assistance in advance. We told them that we’d just got off the plane from Ireland, and they said it was a busy station and that there was nobody free to take us. We had to wait almost an hour for the next train, and were brought to it by a man who worked in a different department. I completely understand that you have to book assistance in the UK, and the station is obviously busy on a Friday, but it’s not nice to be made feel like an inconvenience because you need help that wasn’t planned in advance.

We spent the first night in North Berwick, which is a small seaside town. My cousins took us for dinner and drinks after, and it was lovely to spend time with them because I don’t see them often. I was surprised by how many people had pet dogs in the pubs, just lying there being well behaved. I wish people could do that here.

We visited my cousin’s flat on Saturday, and they brought us to visit my uncle’s grave. I’d never been before, so it was nice to finally go and say a prayer there. Then we all drove to Edinburgh and had lunch together, before checking into our hotel there. The hotel was in a great location, and it was very easy for us to find our way around for the next couple of days, when people gave us directions. My cousin Sharleen helped us to find grass for the dogs, but it couldn’t have been closer. Sharleen and Ben gave us a walking tour of the city, including the graveyard, going near the castle and reading me the plaque outside ‘the elephant house’, where the first Harry Potter book was written. We went to the cinema with them, before they went home, and I’m glad to report that O J wasn’t sick this time!

Another thing we wanted to do while in Edinburgh was meet
who has guest posted here before. I’ve been reading her blog for a few years and really enjoy it. We had intended to meet on Sunday but when she texted to see if we were busy, and said she and Mr. K were in the area, I was very excited! They came and met us in the bar of our hotel for a few drinks, and within 5 minutes, I knew we were all going to get along well. Its great to meet someone unline and discover that they are just the same in reality. Its also nice to spend time around positive blind people, who do lots of interesting things and can talk about other things, apart from dogs and being blind! I don’t mean that to sound negative, but people reading this who are blind might understand what I mean.

Saturday evening was good fun, and Jes and her husband invited us to their flat on Sunday for the day. We started the visit by taking all five dogs for a free run, so that they could get to know each other and use up some of their energy. It was a good idea, because they were relaxed for the rest of the day. We had lunch in the lovely cafe Jes often writes about, and the three guide dogs were very quiet. Jes and Nala have just finished training together, and make a great team. She seems so settled and well behaved for such a new dog. That cafe sells the nicest rockie road I have ever tasted!
We spent the rest of the day listening to music and talking lots, with lots of furry company! That’s my idea of a perfect evening!! Ottis and Hermione are such cute dogs, and I couldn’t stop cuddling them whenever they came near me.
I hope we can all meet again soon, maybe in Ireland next time. These two like adventures, maybe I can convince them to move here 😀

We spent Monday morning in a cafe near our hotel, before getting a taxi to the airport and flying home. Everything went as well as it did on the way over. Its great to be able to travel with the dogs and have everything go so well. Scotland is such a dog friendly place, and the people being so helpful made it a lot easier. One interesting thing I observed about Scottish people though, is how relaxed they are. So relaxed in fact, that even short distances seem further away and take them longer to get to. If you asked for directions, they might tell you something was two minutes walk away, when in fact it took 30 seconds. Or ifn the case of the train station, the platform for North Berwick was very far, which meant a five minute walk. It was just something we found funny!

I was expecting O J to be tired at work on Tuesday, but we were back working in schools and he was full of energy.


3 thoughts on “Edinburgh

  1. Glad you had a good trip Jen. The thing that annoyed me the most was that nobody offered to help you in the station – i’d like to think that here somebody would have offered to help but i suppose people are sometimes wary of offending people and are unsure what to do. I bet OJ barked with a Scottish accent whilst he was there 🙂

  2. I’m glad you had a great time. As for the being blind or the dog thing, it’s bound to slip into conversation at some point, but it’s all about finding the balance i think. Bit annoying about the train! I think we take it for granted here that we don’t need to book assistance. xx.

    • John, it annoyed me also at the train station. I found the gentleman that dealt with us for the most part a bit patronising. He went about telling me about how it was a very big station and that usually I would have booked assistance. Like, we had come from Ireland which I reminded him at least twice. You can’t tell people that don’t know the country that they are supposed to know that they need to book assistance. Then, we were supposed to have an idea as to when we wanted to return the next day but luckily, we had some nice Doherty people to drive us back into Edinburgh. I have never found anyone in terms of buses or trains in the north not to be helpful John. In fact, taxi drivers down here could take example from some of the lads I have dealt with. One thing we need to have more of over here is bins. We had a near by park where we could go with the dogs and finding bins after cleaning up was not a problem. I have had problems finding bins before here when trying to clean up and I am not in the habit of carrying around dog poo.

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