Three Years Later

I started working in this office three years ago. I thought I was signing up to a two month job contract covering for someone on leave. I stayed for a year, then got an extention for another year, then another, and here I am. Today was my last day, and next week I’m supposed to start looking for other jobs and talking to people who can help me find a job.

I’m not doing any of those things though. People in work wrote a letter to someone, who passed it on to someone else, who kindly decided to extend my job for another eight months. I have a job until October, and I’m delighted! O.J will just have to continue getting on the bus, finding the office and curling up beside this desk for a while longer. He seems perfectly happy with that.


4 thoughts on “Three Years Later

    • Thanks Beth. I shredded a big box of paper for my boss yesterday while working on reception, and she decided that getting a blind person to do this was the perfect way of ensuring data protection. One way I know I’ve influenced them by being around is by encouraging them to have a rediculous sense of humour!

      • Ah now Beth, don’t be giving her a big head. Shur I paid them to keep her a bit longer. 🙂 Good one about the Data protection Jennifer. I never thought of that. Happy February everyone.

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