Belated happy new year

Things are starting to get back to some kind of normality around here, which means I’m spending more time online again. Christmas seems like a year ago at this stage. I had a lovely relaxing one with family and friends. It involved eating lots of yummy food, spending time with my brother who I don’t see too often, and getting presents! I got lots of lovely things, including clothes, a few CDs, a very cool mixing bowl, which my nephew used to make pancakes and cookies when he came for a sleepover. Two presents that were quite cool were the Braille watch and Green Angel cosmetics Nicky got me (have wanted them for ages), and the “movie box” my cousin Leah made for us. It was basically a shoebox decorated, and inside she put popcorn, spices and pizza toppings (not sure how they work yet), hot chocolate, the Commitments DVD (think this is my 3rd copy now!) and two chews for Orrin and O J. She also made me a body scrub, since all her presents this year were hand-made. I was very impressed!


I usually hate new year’s eve because everywhere is so busy, and unless you have a house party, going out can be a bit crazy. Darragh sorted out that problem by getting married to Emma on New Year’s eve, and it was a brilliant day. They are genuinely one of the nicest couples I know, and were totally relaxed on the day. Nicky was best man at the wedding, and I didn’t know many people, but everyone was so friendly, and I knew most of them by the end of the night. They finished the night with a session in the residence bar. It was great fun!


I never make new year’s resolutions, so don’t see the point in doing it this year. I have some things I want to do though.

Its going to be a busy year, with four weddings and two hen weekends in the U.K,, so I’ll be spending more weekends staying in, especially if I have no job. I need to concentrate more on work for my disability studies course, and do more background reading. I also want to read more dog behaviour books. If anyone knows where I can get good reading material in audio, on either topic, please let me know.

I’m looking forward to cooking more and learning how to make new meals. Another thing I want to learn more about is how to make cosmetics like lip balm and body scrubs. Not sure where I can do that or how easy it is when your blind, with all the exact measurements involved. I’ve contacted one person who said that some of these things would be possible, but she’s on maternity leave until the end of next year. I’ll keep trying!


I hope everyone has a great 2013. If this blog makes it through another year, I hope I can have interesting discussions with anyone who reads it. For me, that’s what writings all about.



10 thoughts on “Belated happy new year

    • Happy new year Beth and to all that read Jennifer’s blog. I was delighted to finally get to meet your brother too Jennifer. We missed each other the last time he was home but it was nice to meet him and sample his cooking. I got some nice presents at Christmas too so I am very happy also. I look forward to trying out some of these new dishes you make.

  1. I’m so glad you all had a good christmas and new years. Did i not read somewhere that jess made them? I remember making bath bombs years ago. It was fun! Xxx.

  2. Happy New Year – belatedly. Been hectic here this last while. Had two great nights with Christy Moore and the Mairtin O’Connor Band in Galway – great start to the year 🙂

    • That sounds like a good start to the new year John. Hopefully there’s lots more gigs during the year. Nicky got John Prine tickets for Christmas, so we’ll see you there.

      • Hi John, sounds like the year kicked off to a brilliant start for you. I hear Christy had to put back his shows in Dublin last night and tonight due to illness till February. Hopefully all is ok with him. I am looking forward to seeing John next month. I haven’t seen him before live so I am looking forward to that experience. Hopefully Derry will have lots more good music during the year with all that is happening with the city of culture and I will get to a few more. I am going to try and poke my nose around a little during the Fleadh also if I can. It will bring memories back to me of taking part in it years ago. Talk soon, Nicky.

  3. Hope to see you at John Prine. Going with my brother as he and his wife bought me my ticket for Christmas. Should be a good gig. Should be a great year for Derry. There was a guy who coughed the entire second Galway gig – never covered his big mouth or anything and it was VERY annoying. Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s where Christy caught it from. Hopefully he gets rid of it soon. Hope 2013 is good to you all.

  4. Hello, I just recently started reading your blog. I’m a friend of Beth and clicked onto your blog from hers. I was fortunate enough to see John Prine earlier this year here in Illinois and he was just great….good storyteller too…the audience adored him. Hope who ever goes loves it as much as I did! Enjoy reading your blog!

    • Hi Nancy! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I think Beth might have wrote about you before? Great to hear good reports about John Prine, since I don’t really know what to expect. Those can be the best gigs sometimes.

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