Keeping an open mind

I practically have something on every weekend between now and Christmas. Week days are busy with work, a course I’ve started, and other bits and pieces. At the end of January this will all change slightly, when my work contract runs out and I’ll have no job. In some ways I feel like I’m in the exact same situation I was when this happened three years ago; I still have no idea what I want to do and nothing has really changed. In other ways I know I’ve changed a lot, and I’m slowly starting to accept that maybe I’m going to be one of those indecisive people who never really know what they want to do as a career. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing if I am always working, but not having some sort of a job isn’t an option for me.


In February 2010, during my first week of being unemployed after my last job in an arts centre, I was offered a receptionist job for two months in the Centre for Independent Living, where I currently work. I had no experience of this type of work, and no interest in ever becoming a receptionist. Taking that job and becoming involved with people with disabilities led on to lots of great things. My colleagues have been brilliant, and I was offered work opportunities and courses that I am very grateful for. It’s a great feeling to work with people who acknowledge your disability only when they need to. They treat you like everyone else and encourage you to do new things. An example of this is the level 7 disabilities studies course I’ve recently started that they funded part of. It runs until April and will be a lot of work, but will keep me busy after Christmas. The more I learn about different types of disabilities, the more I want to know. I am studying this course with a couple of work colleagues, people with disabilities and people who work in the disability sector so it’s a nice mixture. We’ve only just finished the second week, but already it’s making me think differently about many aspects of the lives of disabled people in our society. I know that my enthusiasm might die slightly when the assignments start piling up!


The disability field is an area I avoided as much as possible until recently, partly because I didn’t think about it much when I was younger. I wanted the fact that I am blind to be as far away from my work life as possible, but delivering school awareness programs has taught me that maybe I can use it to my advantage to help others. I understand living with a disability better than some people who don’t have one. I regularly come into contact with people who provide services and think they are experts, but with no personal experience of disability, how can they completely understand? if that keeps me interested and helps me to find work then maybe I shouldn’t dismiss it like I did when I was younger.


I can’t say that my current job or this new course has provided me with a definite career option, but they have helped me to broaden my areas when looking for jobs. I still enjoy editing sound, interviewing people and hearing their stories. I hate computers, but the idea of having my own business/service that I could provide online could be another option. Don’t ask me what kind of business, because I haven’t thought that far ahead yet! Although I don’t think working with dogs is a realistic money-earner for me, its still something I’d love. I won’t be limiting my options though, and if something comes up that mightn’t seem too appealing at first, I’ll think about it carefully. I have learned to take opportunities when they come up, and to make the most of them, because by dismissing something quickly, we might be missing out on other great things.


Expect a few of these random blog posts in the next while, especially as I try to get used to the idea of having no job. When I’m thinking about stuff, sometimes I just need to write! I’d love to hear people’s thoughts and experiences of finding work, trying to decide what to do etc. Other people can sometimes be a great help.


3 thoughts on “Keeping an open mind

  1. When you say you enjoy “editing sound,” what exactly do you mean? I may have some work for you to do for me in that regard, and I’d be fine waiting to have you do it until Febebruary, or even April if you’d rather wait until your course is done. Let me know.

  2. It is great that you can write so much and share your experiences. I have tried in the recent past to do that but I am not as good a writer as you are and can never keep myself concentrated enough on it. Because I know you so well, I know you won’t let yourself be idle too long.

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