I’m Here A Year!

I’ve been living in my house for one year today. I can’t believe it! Time has flown!

This time last year furniture was being delivered, carpet was put down upstairs and I was bringing boxes of stuff from my parents house. Everybody was so helpful, which took the stress out of moving and made it lots of fun.


I remember the first night when all the visitors left, and O J and I were on our own. I didn’t feel lonely and the house didn’t feel strange. We settled in very quickly. I remember thinking that I had so much space to put my stuff, and wondering how to fill it, but of course now almost every space is taken up. There are still lots of things left at my parents, and some of those will probably never get moved.

I remember thinking that the sound of the traffic outside was so loud, and now I don’t even hear it!

I remember thinking how terrible I was at cooking. I’m not brilliant, but I actually don’t mind doing it at all now.


There is still work to be done in the house. The small spare room, which will eventually become an office/storage room is filled with CDs, dog food and random stuff. It’s the room you usually don’t want people looking into because it’s the messiest! I have a few photographs sitting in my kitchen, but none hung up yet and nothing hung on the walls. Wires are hanging out for the surround sound, which is a luxury that I’ll get put in someday and appreciate even more when it eventually gets done. The clock for setting the heating needs changed as its very visual, the alarms still not sorted and the gate, well lets just not talk about the bloody gate!!


Living on my own has given me great independence, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I think I possibly have a better relationship with my family since moving out, because I depend on them less. Its nice to be able to invite family and friends for drinks or dinner (when they help me cook) and have my nephews for sleepovers. Its nice to be able to do these things for other people, instead of it usually being the other way around. Dougal is much more settled since I’ve moved. He spends half of the week here with OJ when I’m not working. He behaves great, and is much more quiet and relaxed when he goes back to my parents’. Having a new house and a new boyfriend around the exact same time could have been linked too! I’m stupidly shy when it comes to that stuff, and although my parents are fairly relaxed and open-minded, I’m not sure I would have been as relaxed getting to know someone around their house. Maybe that’s just me being strange!


Preparing to move house gave me a great sense of responsibility. I know that I was very fortunate to have had great help from my parents, since they allowed and helped me to renovate a half existing house already, but I am very proud of the work and money I have put into getting it. I still love being here every day. I love its location and the neighbours around me. Ideally I’d have a garden and a bit more space for the dogs, but apart from that, its perfect!


5 thoughts on “I’m Here A Year!

  1. Beautiful post Jen. I can’t believe that’s been a year either. Time is flying. I’m sure meeting Nicky has helped too – but i think you’d have got to know him at your parents’ house too as he’s a great guy (he promised mre 50 quid to say that). Great to see how much you’re enjoying your house and independence.

    Love to OJ.

  2. Well, people may say I am a bit biased here and John, if we make a little arrangement like that in the future will you try and keep it secret? 🙂 Jennifer, you have a lovely home and I love being there spending time with you and OJ and sometimes Dougal. You have worked hard to save and prioritise when it comes to things you need and the house. You deserve every bit of it all and I am looking forward to lots of more fun times there.

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