Up Donegal!

If your reading this and your Irish, chances are you’ll already know that Donegal won the All-Ireland Gaelic football final last Sunday. They’ve only won it once, back in 1992. I watched the match with my family in my uncle’s pub, and it was very exciting. Donegal led throughout the match, scoring two goals against Mayo in the first eleven minutes, making them very deserving winners of the Sam Maguire cup.


I’m not mad about sport, but I loved watching the match and enjoyed the fantastic positive atmosphere in the county this week. Everyone is very proud of the Donegal team, and rightly so.


The highlight of the weekend for me wasn’t just the match, but the fact that Nicky got us two tickets from Carlow, which were very difficult to get. My brother came back from Afghanistan and went with my dad, so it was a nice unexpected surprise. He went back today, but the very short visit was better than not seeing him for maybe another year.

I’ll miss seeing the Gaelic team bringing the cup through our town tomorrow because I’m going to Portugal for a few days. Obviously I’d rather the sun than standing in the cold, but I’m hoping I will get a chance to hold the cup when it comes to the local primary school. Last time I held it I was six years old, and I thought it was huge because I was so small. I’d also love to get a photograph of O J with the Sam Maguire, and If I do I’ll post it here.


Jimmy’s winning matches!! 😀


5 thoughts on “Up Donegal!

  1. Well done Jen. Donegal were the best team all year and thoroughly deserved their victory. Great that your brother got to go – well done Nicky. It’s a tough old life having to head off to the sun in Portugal. Think of us left shivering behind. I hope you and OJ get to meet Sam along the way. Enjoy Portugal.

  2. I totally agree with you John. I won’t lie and say here that I had some loyalty to Dublin during the championship but overall Donegal really deserved it and have worked hard to get to where they are now. Now, the question is, can they do it all over again next year or will it be another 1992-1993 thing all over again? I think that might be a huge ask for the Derry men do you think? Jennifer, all I want is a picture of me with that cup also. I have had one with the Liam McCarthy cup which, for anyone that won’t know is the cup that the winners of the Hurling championship win. Portugal is now a distant memory John but it was nice.

  3. Not Portuguese weather here Nicky for sure. Got my photo taken with Sam when Derry won in 93 – might be a while before it happens again, but who knows. We had Liam at the opening of our pitch a couple of years ago – much nicer than Sam, lol.

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