Advice From Dave

It seems to be an annual thing. Every so often I don’t blog for a while, can’t think of things to write about, and ask myself why I’m still bothering to write here anymore. Maybe five years of writing about life with a guide dog is getting boring. There’s not much to talk about that I haven’t mentioned already. I have always blogged for myself, not to attract readers, but if I can’t keep myself interested, how can I expect the few readers I have left to be interested.

I’ve been offline for a couple of weeks, because I spent a week in France where one of my best friends got married, and came back to a broken internet. I had a quick look back over blogs, while still trying to decide whether to keep my own. A blog I love reading and always find inspiring is

<a HREF=””>Rolling Around in My Head</a>

by Dave Hingsburger, and one simple sentense he wrote in a recent post helped me to motivate my own interest in keeping this blog up, for another year anyway.

“Pay attention to your day and you will find things to write about.”

And he is so right.

And its his fault that I’m sticking around for another while. No doubt O J and I will have lots more experiences that I can write about, if I pay attention.


2 thoughts on “Advice From Dave

  1. I’ve often wondered if people want to read my blog too, especially since i’m not on blogger any more. But then i think that if someone out there reads and doesn’t comment, then they are enjoying it. After all you never know who is reading. Also if what i write helps someone then happy days. I only write very occasionally though as i’m not sure if people want to hear the same old same old about me and Ushi. I’m glad you enjoyed france though. Xxx.

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