An Update

My plans to blog more often haven’t exactly happened, but the last few weeks have been busy, so here’s a quick summery of what we’ve been up to.

On 17th May, O J and I went to Carlow to watch Nicky perform his own gig in the Seven Oaks hotel. It was a great night and we were all very proud of him.We spent the weekend with friends and it was great.

Nicky came up the following weekend and the weather was fantastic. We went to the beach, had some barbecues and went out with some of my friends.

One of my best friends is getting married in France in August, so we went on her hen weekend last Friday. OJ stayed at home; there were no boys allowed! What goes on tour stays on tour as they say, but we were a farily sensible group. For that reason everybody who met us was so friendly, and wanted to buy us drinks, chat to us and sing songs with us during the weekend. We did a dance class and I made a cocktail, two things I wasn’t sure about doing but that I really enjoyed. We had a brilliant time and laughed constantly for two days. I honestly have the best friends in the world, and I know I’m very lucky. France is going to be so much fun!

I started a ‘train the trainer’ course last week. Ours  is a seven week course for four hours on a Monday night, which teaches people to do lesson plans and teach a particular topic of their choice. I was supposed to do it when I started working in Letterkenny, but better late than never. I have to do a presentation at the end and design a twelve week course that I could deliver to a group. I’m thinking of creating a course to teach adults about disability awareness since i already do it with young children as part of my job. There’s a lot of work involved but I’m delighted to get the opportunity to do the course before I finish work in October. I’m sure some of it will come in handy in the future. A few people in the class love dogs so O J gets lots of attention. He’s good at finding his way around the building too.

I’m also trying to decide what to do when my contract finishes, but its so hard to find jobs, especially when you don’t know what you want to do.


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