The Hunger Games: Part II!

I went to Carlow last Saturday for a few days, to see Nicky and to watch him getting his “male vocalist of the year award” at the second annual Leinster
Entertainment Awards in Kildare. The award is very cool!
I also got a chance to hear Darragh playing in a session for the first time on Saturday, and he was great! In between that, Nicky and I went to watch The
Hunger games on Sunday evening. We’d been reading the book at the same time but he hadn’t seen it, and O.J and I didn’t see any harm in going again. What’s
the worst that could happen?

The staff in the cinema were very helpful, getting us food and bringing us to our seats. A bit of popcorn got spilled when we were walking up the steps,
and the staff member guiding us refilled it, no problem.
The problem came over an hour later, when O.J threw up in the middle of the film. He must have quickly eaten a tiny bit since i didn’t even feel his head
moving towards the ground. It was saulted, and far too saulty for me, so I can’t imagine what it would do to a dog’s insides. I cleaned up as best I could
with an empty sweet packet and cardboard drink cup. I thought about letting O.J be sick into the popcorn container but wasn’t sure if Nicky was finished
eating. He’d surprisingly never tasted popcorn before so I didn’t want to spoil his fun by taking it away when it wasn’t finished. Needless to say, he
didn’t exactly feel like eating any more after that!

I had to sit through the final hour of the film smelling O.J’s dinner, while he lay disgusted with himself, as far away from it as he could get. The staff
member who came to bring us out of the cinema was great about it all, and told me she would sort it when I asked for something to clean it with and offered
to do it myself.
The funny thing was that I actually wasn’t as embarrassed as I thought I’d be. If O.J had done that a couple of years ago I’d probably have left the cinema
as quickly as I could!


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