The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is probably the biggest topic of conversation in the film world at the moment. Usually I’m not interested in the hype around films, but this was one I definitely wanted to see.

I first became aware of the book at a gig last October, when Glen Hansard performed a song he’d wrote for the film. He talked about how good the book was and how Cato, one of the characters had inspired the song. He’s one of those people who talks so enthusiastically about something that it would make you want to check it out. I was fascinated by the concept of 24 teenagers in an arina fighting for survival, but only began listening to the audiobook last week. I started on Monday night and finished it on Friday, and I’m reading the second part of the trilogy now.

I took my thirteen-year-old nephew to see it and he said it was one of the best films he’s ever seen. It was very visual, so I wouldn’t have enjoyed it much if I hadn’t read the book first. Jack didn’t have to explain it all to me which was good for him.
Surprisingly this was my first time taking O.J to the cinema. Maybe he was there with his puppywalker before, but when I go I always go with friends. We made sure to get into the cinema early, and a member of staff carried in our popcorn, drinks and icecream while Jack helped me. They offered O.J water and told us to let them know if we needed anything. Apart from scaring the life out of a boy who stood on him, O.J was great, and just lay down during the film. We got the bus home after, which is something O.J has done a lot more than Jack has. It was nice to still bring O.J to new places, even after almost five years of owning him.

I’d definitely recommend the film, but I would recommend reading the book first if you can.


4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. Well, usually its music you tell me about and so far any new music well, new to me that you have recommended to me I have really liked. This time it was a book and I can't stop reading it. I am nearly finished it now though but it has been a great read. Hopefully I am going to see it on Wednesday evening. I have two friends coming with me but having just finished the book will hopefully be a great benefit to me. When you do get yourself into something Jennifer you don't stop hahaa. Delighted O.J enjoyed his cinema experience. Ralph has been with me a few times and he doesn't mind it at all.

  2. Thanks for the review Jen – must try and get to see it. I only seem to get to go to kids films (well I guess that's no surprise with Murray!).Clive is well used to going to the cinema – he only once barked at the screen and that was during Hotel for Dogs! Couldn't really blame him as there were about 100 dogs barking on the screen! Clive certainly frightened a few people in the cinema that day!!Glad OJ's first trip to the cinema went so well.Hope you all have a lovely Easter,Fiona

  3. Haha Fiona i bet he did scare a few people. My nephew was dying for OJ to bark at something.Happy Easter to you and all the family.

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