Wisdom from an eight year old

While talking to a group of forty school children today, I asked them a basic question I often ask if they are quite young:
Have you seen a guide dog before and do you know what they do?

Today I got an answer I wasn’t expecting…

Guide dogs are for blind people to help them get around, if they have no money to buy glasses.



7 thoughts on “Wisdom from an eight year old

  1. Very observant of you! That's what typing a blog post in a hurry during lunch hour at work does to you!I explained how some people have some sight and use glasses, some use canes and others prefer dogs. Later we talked about the cost of training a guide dog. I don't know what kind of glasses he was thinking of buying!

  2. Now, I did attempt to comment yesterday and then decided I wouldn't but first I want to say that really, if you are too tight to buy a pair of specs then that is just terrible. 🙂 And, don't be getting sloppy now and use bad spellings as it will just go all down hill from here and as our friend digital would say, "I blame the parents" haha.

  3. Ha! After reading the comment above, I thought I'd better recheck the spelling on my response here. I know from speaking to kids at schools (or did I mean “scools”?!) that it can be difficult for them to grasp the concept that glasses *do* help some people who can’t see well, but there are eye conditions that cannot be helped by eye glasses. It can be difficult to explain, but I try my best. I was at a school yesterday, too, and after my talk one of the girls asked “Are you blind *all* of the day, or just some of the day?” My guess is that they just can’t conceive not being able to see, so I really think it’s great for us to go visit schools while the kids are still young: they witness first-hand that a person can be blind or have some other disability and continue to lea happy, fulfilling lives. Keep up the good work, Jenny!

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