OJ’s Birthday

Yesterday was O J’s sixth birthday. We spent the morning at a school, where the children had made him a card and gave him two carrots for a present. I allowed him to eat one in class and they were fascinated watching him. My nephew and I played with him outside even though I had intended taking him to the beach. After dinner I washed him, hoping it would remove lots of the dead hair he is shedding at the moment.

Oj’s birthday is always close to the weekend of the guide dogs church gate collection in our town. Family and friends are a great help every year, and this year was the same. We were very organised and counted the money just when we had finished. I lodged it today, and the total raised during the weekend was 1,852 euros!
Those puppydog eyes of his really must work!


7 thoughts on “OJ’s Birthday

  1. Good man O.J. You're a great lad and don't let anyone tell ya differently. I'll give ya a big birthday hug on Friday and don't tell anyone but I have a little surprise for ya here. Hmmm, can't tell ya what it is but I am off shopping tomorrow evening for it.

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