This might shock you;

but my guide dog is not my best friend.

I’m just back from a nice walk in town with O.J. Sometimes the simplest walks on our own are the most enjoyable. While I was standing in the chemist waiting to get served a man asked me how I was, and how was my dog. He then asked me the most annoying question in history:
Is he your best friend?
When I politely (but sarcastically if you knew me well enough) told him that O J was just one of my friends, he asked me if I had two dogs.
Some people just don’t get it, do they?

Dogs are great. I love them and couldn’t live without one. I couldn’t manage without a guide dog and O.J is great company. But believe it or not, I have human friends who are much better company and more fun to talk to than he is, therefore not making him my best friend. He is a companion but not a friend.
Appologies to people who call their dog their best friend. I’m not saying your wrong. Some people might not honestly have real proper human friends, and their dog is the best and most loyal they’ve got. Nothing wrong with that, if that’s the way you think, but for me, my dog is a dog, not my best friend, so random members of the public, please don’t keep assuming he is.

And as for asking does he take good care of me, don’t even go there!!
🙂 🙂


8 thoughts on “This might shock you;

  1. Aaaah i hate that too. When people say that to me i always say "yeah she is good company" and that seems to get them to stop.Yes i can totally understand why you might think that a dog is your best friend. But for one you can't gossip to a dog, they can't answer any of your questions, you can't be invited to places by your dog, you can't get them to tell you what to have for dinner etc. I think i would be worried if i didn't have any human contact at all and just had ushi with no friends at all.It's almost like "do you want to feel my face?"Xxx.

  2. You horrible horrible person. You mean your dog is not your best friend in the whole universe? My god woman. are you not human? I'm disappointed and shocked. I shall never ever ever read this blog again. Ever! Ever! Hmmm. Did you know you can write ever with just your left hand? That's cool. Jen, keep up the writing. Someone has to teach these silly people.

  3. Darragh son, you have had your coffee this morning. Jenny, you are always so cruel and inconsiderate to that poor softy of a dog of yours. I keep telling you to be nice to him. Its becoming a great concern to me. I think I am just going to have to spend more and more time with him cause he needs proper friendly company. Start treating him more nicely and I mightn't come around as much but then that wouldn't do would it? 🙂

  4. Darragh, you can also write crazy with your left hand too!Nicky's right, how much coffee have you had? Mark should barr you from that place.Nicky he has you to keep him company so he should be fine.

  5. Ok, you technically can write crazy with your left hand but it doesn't quite work properly. There is a bit of a stretch to get to the y. Hmmmm, right, i think its definitely time I thought about going home for the day now. 🙂

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