Guest Post: Bisket Baskets

A few weeks ago I got an email from Helen from
Biscuit Baskets,
who found my blog and offered to write a guest post. She suggested a number of topics, and I thought since its December, and most of my blog readers are probably freezing, the following post would be topical. Thanks Helen!

Warming Up With Winter Dog Care Tips

Hi there – this is Helen from,
and we’re so excited to be guest posting here today! We’re lucky enough to be celebrating 13 years in business, and we got our start actually creating pet gift baskets for dogs and cats, and branched out to meal gift baskets for their owners, too. We’re based in Parker, Colorado, and have several dogs of our own, as well as having rescued dogs in our local area. The summertime is beautiful here, but the winter is quite cold and chilly, especially for our canine family members! We’re here to share our own winter dog care tips with you and your dog to make the wintertime a happy one.

• Don’t leave your dog in the car – even in the winter. We all should know by now that leaving your dog in a hot car in the summertime is an n-o, but the same goes for the winter. Your dog could inhale dangerous fumes if the car is left running, or unknowingly lick up chemicals that spilled on your car’s floor. Plus, it’s chilly out there – your dog gets cold, too!

• Take care when walking near frozen lakes and ponds. Ice can be deceptive – that lake may look frozen and perfect for your dog to play on, but the ice may be thin or have cracks in it. If you do feel the ice is safe enough to venture out on, put your dog on a leash and walk with your dog. Otherwise, save the rivers and ponds for the springtime!

• Dry your dog after a bath or playing in the snow. Use a towel or blow dryer to dry your dog’s coat after he or she gets a bath or comes in soaking wet from playing outside. Just be sure to keep the blow dryer several inches away from your dog’s coat so you don’t accidentally burn him or her.

• Keep an eye on your dog when he or she is outside. Frostbite isn’t just for humans! Limit your dog’s outside time, as snow can build up inside your dog’s paws, with frostbite potentially occurring on your dog’s ears, tail, and feet.

• Holiday decorations and dogs just don’t mix. Holiday-themed plants, like holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia, can actually be dangerous to your dog. Keep them out of your dog’s reach. Same with Christmas decorations (like tinsel), holiday chocolate and candies, electrical cords, and small holiday gifts.

• Grooming isn’t just for the summertime. A groomed dog is a well-insulated dog. Snow can build-up within fur inside your dog’s toes and foot pads, so keep your dog’s fur trimmed to minimize this painful feeling for your dog, and to make snow removal easier for you!

• Use pet-friendly rock salt. It gets icy out there, and many of us sprinkle rock salt on our steps and sidewalks during the winter time. Regular rock salt can upset your dog’s stomach, so choose the pet-friendly kind. Many manufacturers denote on the bag whether it’s pet-friendly or not.

Feel free to share your own winter dog care tips by leaving a comment on this post! Our dogs are part of our family here at, and we do all we can to ensure they live long, healthy and happy lives. We hope you and Fido have a wonderful winter season!


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Bisket Baskets

  1. Those were good tips! Also you can buy a product called Musher's secret paw wax. You just rub it on the paws like a moisturiser about two or three times a week. Amazon does it. It stops the salt from irritating the paws.Xxx.

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