Glor Tire

If you’ve been reading here for a while you might remember hearing about Nicky Kealy.
Last year he wrote a great
guest post
about working with his first guide dog Richie, and I wrote about going to his
celebrations in Carlow in May.
He’s been on TV a bit recently, and you might be able to keep him on it a bit longer if you keep reading, then if you live in Ireland or the UK and vote for him.

Glor Tire is a country and western music competition currently running on TG4. Nicky is one of nine singers participating. Wednesday is the beginning of the ilimination process, where two contestants leave the show each week, leaving three competing for the title of Glor Tire in the grand final.

You can watch the show at 10 30 PM on Wednesday on TG4. You can help to keep Nicky in the competition by texting glor7 to 53307 in Ireland or, glor7 to 81108 if your in Northern Ireland or the UK. Text any time and as often as you like, until he wins!


6 thoughts on “Glor Tire

  1. Ok, hopefully this works this time. I didn't quite expect Jen to write about me but it is much appreciated that she has done. Thanks Jennifer x. She is a great person folks and has been very good to me with all of her support. I am not sure if clips will be on youtube. I would like them to be so I will make enquiries and come back to you on that one. The kind of music I will be doing not to give away too much will be Irish ballad type country bordering on folk. It will not be very heavy country. I hope anyone that listens will enjoy it and again, a bit huge thanks to Jen for telling you all about it.

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