Writing for the sake of writing

My enthusiasm for bloggings sort of died recently. I thought I might as well mention a few things i’ve been doing and thinking about during the last week. Usually when I write an unplanned post like this, it tturns out long and all over the place, so be prepared!

This is my first blog from my new house, since my friends set up the internet last night. We had another great night here, (its turning into a Saturday night drinking tradition at this stage.) The house has been busy all week with visitors. I’ve been paying the last few debts, before I get into the regularity of bills and boring stuff every month. O J is working really well around the area, even though the road is scarily busy at times. Its great to be reminded of the freedom a guide dog brings, when you learn a new route and watch the dog becoming more confident with it each time. Its very easy to lift the dog’s harness handle each day and take the work that it does for granted. Dog’s need to be challenged just like we do, so I’d advise anyone to teach their dog a new route once in a while to keep both your interests and appreciation for each other up.

I’ve decided to take a break from doing shows at the radio station for a while, and my last show was broadcast this evening. I’m honestly not enjoying being there at the moment, and when that happens and your doing voluntary work – something that’s supposed to be fun then its time to go. Hopefully I’ll be back in Spring of next year, broadcasting live with the appropriate technology, and the enthusiasm for radio that I usually have.
I’m not doing anything dog training related at the moment. The course I was considering studying in January won’t happen for financial reasons. I’m listening to a great audiobook called ‘the loved dog’, which I’m really enjoying, and I think I’ll have to stick to books for another while. Any recommendations would be really appreciated, in audio or braille formats of course!
Its frustrating when your interested in things but seem to be getting nowhere with them. That’s sort of how I feel at the minute but I know I will return to radio and dog training more seriously when the time is right.

Speaking of books, I started reading ‘Round Ireland with a Fridge’ today while making dinner, and am probably 2 thirds the way through because its great fun!
‘The Hunger Games’ will be my next book I think, though I’ve no idea what to expect from it. I got David Blunket’s autobiography from the braille library even though I don’t remember ordering it.

I got a house phone in last week and two hours later my mobile died. I saw it coming for ages but refused to do anything about it. I’m using a brick of an old phone now, but it has lots of entertaining photos and sound clips on it so a few people are very happy that it has been ressorected. I’ve no real interest in Iphones but wonder if it would be my most sensible option to buy.

This week is going to be a busy one, with meetings tomorrow, a couple of busy days in work and celebrating (or lamenting) the fact that my nephew is thirteen on Thursday. That makes me feel ancient! It will be nice to make it to the weekend, when I can escape Donegal and the madness for a few days.


3 thoughts on “Writing for the sake of writing

  1. Sometimes it's hard to know what to blog about. I somtimes think that people are bored of the blog but i blog anyway.I'm sure you'll get into the radio thing soon. I know since i haven't been helping teach computers i've lost my motivation to studdy or do it. I'm sure that when i get back into it it will be okay, but i just don't feel interested or anything.I know learning new routes is so important. Ushi gets bored easily so i need to teach her routes. I still do the old ones too, but i'm not gonna learn anything until spring.Xxx.

  2. Hope the new house is going well Jen. Sorry I haven't been in touch recently – a bit like you say about the enthusiasm waning a bit. I suppose it's the time of the year. Keep well anyway.Johnx

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