Settling in

I’ve only been living in my house for four days, but already I can say that moving there was one of the best things I have ever done! I’m staying at home tonight to use the internet and keep my mum company since my dad is in Kentucky, and I miss the place already.

I spent Wednesday evening bringing boxes to the house, cleaning and deciding where to put things. My family and cousin helped, and even the builder called in for tea when he saw that the lights were still on at half ten. An hour later I went down to collect O J and we spent our first night there. I didn’t feel lonely or it didn’t feel strange. O J’s bed is under the stairs and he slept there with no problems. He did creep upstairs to my room at one stage to see what was up there, but when he had a good look around, I told him to go back to bed because I don’t want him coming up there.

On Thursday morning my table and chairs were delivered, and the sofa came later. Before that, my aunt came in to find me walking around with a bowl of cereal in my hand, and then I went and sat on the stairs. The blinds were fitted and my mum helped me to do a big shop for food and cleaning things. I was so busy that I completely forgot to vote in the presidential election. I had no real preference anyway, but well done to Michael D! A few friends came out that night and helped me to put things away and showed me how to work the dishwasher. The next door neighbour also called in with a box of biscuits and we had tea. She gave me her number encase I ever need it. I thought I would have to call her the following night, when my hair drier set off the very loud fire alarm at 12 A.M. Thankfully it stopped after a minute. I just have to remember to dry my hair in the kitchen anymore!

I had my first house warming gathering on Saturday night. I wouldn’t call it a big party since there were only eight of us, but it went well. We had intended going to town to a Halloween fancy dress gig but ended up all dressing up but just staying in the house. I haven’t got my TV up yet so Cheryl spent the night making up games and it was great fun. Nights without TV can be very interesting, and I wouldn’t miss one if I didn’t have it. It was great to have friends around and be able to entertain and feed them, even if it was only pizza and nibbles. The girls gave me some lovely presents too, in fact I got some very thoughtful things during the week that I really appreciate.

O J has settled in very quickly. He hasn’t done much work since we moved but I know he will get back into it very quickly. He refused to use the run for the first two days but is fine with it now. He is also happy enough to stay in the house alone, which is great for me. The main reason I can tell that he has settled in well is that he already barks when people come to the door, meaning he is protecting what he considers to be his own territory already!

I’m so glad I have this week off work to spend time sorting things in the house. There are still lots of people who haven’t seen it yet, and there are still some minor things that the builder and electrician have to fix. So far so good though, and I won’t be moving back home any time soon!


7 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. sounds like fun! There's really nothing like having your own space. Just be careful with that hair dryer that set off the smoke alarm. That sounds a little dodgy. I'm sure you have all the little adaptations made to things like the washing machine, Microwave and dish washer if necessary. Did you do much in that regard? The only thing I have modified a small bit is the washing machine but I'm always interested in other peoples approaches.

  2. Thanks Becky.Darragh I was warned that it was sensitive to heat but didn't think it would be that sensitive!I picked a dishwasher that was easy enough to use and doesn't need any modifications. I could probably manage the washing machine because it clicks but there are so many settings so I will probably label the most common ones.You prefer velcro to bump-ons don't you? I think I agree.I had to put in a specific heating system because I was applying for the heating and insilation grant, and its a bit complicated, but when I figure it out, like everything else it will be grand.Something I must mention in a future post, is shop owner's approach to blind people. Some were very helpful when I explained that I needed things to be accessibility, others just didn't get it.

  3. Hi, well, I am sure that what ever presents you received you deserved them all. I don't know why you all do not like the bump ons. I think that they are so straight forward and easy to apply but I suppose its a personal preference. For your heating system you might consider a cobolt talking timer? Maybe you haven't heard much about them or don't want to have the cost of buying one. I imagine its one of these new systems where you can select where you want heated and stuff like that. My sister has one of those. I haven't ever used a system like that but I imagine its probably menu driven is it? I know where I work the heating system is attached to a PC and can be controlled over a network. Now, I think this is cool because, if you could text your heating or just have it controlled by your PC then you would have your speech software to help you make changes to the times and stuff like that because there is little doubt but that the actual controls for these systems are not going to get any more easier for people like ourselves to use.

  4. I'm glad you're settling in and are actually missing the house.I think i'll be a home bird for a bit longer though :).I hope you didn't have any fireworks or anything. At least you can still walk to your mums if you need to.Xxx.

  5. Congrats, this is so exciting! I've been reluctant to leave comments before now as I knew you were away from the internet, glad to hear you are settling in now, it's all so, so wonderful. Congrats!

  6. Nicky yep its one of those heating systems that sounds like your sisters. I'm sort of getting the hang of it now. Even the plumber said that it is complicated and that's how all the new systems are when you apply for a grant. He said he can change it later if I want but I think it will be fine.Torie there weren't many fireworks but they don't bother OJ at all anyway, so i was able to work him during halloween day and he was grand.Thanks Beth! I'm sure you can identify with the stress of moving house! I won't be moving anywhere for a long time, if at all.

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